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So the other day I was trying to learn how to combo with Krieg.

First of all, I don't know how to AASS, and all of Krieg's combos start with AASS. (Well I know how to and I know what it looks like, but if I do it too fast he does 3 air hits and downs the monster and if I do it too slow he suicides with his invincible shield.)

I can successfully do the first two combos. (More like, I successfully did the first two combos. I rarely get them to always work, keep screwing up on the timing.)

The first combo is easy, AASS (if it works) plus the red skill. You can put any other skill after the red skill while you're at it.

The second combo is tough, and I don't see how it would work in PvP. The dash AA space is definately escapable, and scraping* with the blue skill is hard. scraping* with the green skill is easy, but it doesn't work if you are over the monster, it has to be in front of you. It might be more practical to simply skip scraping* with the blue skill, and just scrape* with the green skill, since most people won't max the blue skill anyways/it is weak/it only hits once when it scrapes*. I dunno if that would still make it a combo or not.

I get to the 3rd combo and I'm like O_o. So you start off with the AASS that only works 1/26 times, you use the red skill followed by the green skill, you use the blue skill to scrape* up the enemy, dash cancel it and purple skill. o_O I can rarely scrape* up the enemy with the blue skill first of all, and no matter how I do it, I never seem to be on time for the purple skill. T_T

My Krieg is level 16, so that is all for now. Combo 4 looks easy (if you can AASS properly)

Being the noob I am however, I decided to make up my own combos. Of course I can't make up combos that actually require skill, so I'm looking for a bunch of skills that I can string together to make a combo.

격퇴 seems like a good starter, it doesn't down scarecrows, but it can down some other monsters for some reason. So I dunno for sure.

강력 is really useful for noob combos. You can pretty much put any skill after this.

천근추 is also really useful since it can scrape* easily.

강력 신력 완력 천근추 is a good one. You can start it off with 격퇴, but it isn't that effective since it can down some monsters.

Anyone have any tips for comboing with Krieg? Especially how to AASS, I know what it is supposed to look like, but it rarely ever works out right.

*scrape: An attack that can attack a downed monster. Either the skill does it, or you kick then somehow manage to fit a skill in immediately after. (Word I made up.)

EDIT: Wow, I was a noob when I wrote this. O_o