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Originally Posted by LeafKunoichi
err about the build, as a pure pvp, a maxed sunlight will serve better as a heal
for light lvl 4~6 should be good
POS should be lowered to since an opponent can hit you AFTER losing hp but BEFORE you can get your mana (casting POS is extreamly dangerous in pvp and for emergencies only)
and you forgot the Sleep+Moon bind combo

maybe add basic stratigies against other classes?

its a nice guide btw
What v (it's an arrow incase people aren't creative enough) said

Originally Posted by Lunar
test all possible methods before saying it's extremely dangerous
LOH or POS after holy spirit is guaranteed class and safe in all ways..
if u are a healer that prefers maxed spirit u can use dodge lvl 8+ then cause holy spirit heal/sac and th eopponent can do nothing about it
Originally Posted by Solemn
Okay, thanks Miseri. ^^ Always helpful. I'll certainly add that to the guide. So, in the top levels of PvP, do Healers actually...well...heal?
Sadly enough, not all healers at high level heal. There are problems with it. Of course people with stage build will heal, but a PvP build usually don't allow you to heal due to the constrain in HP unless you have pretty good gear. Sadly, some names come to mind to Eirs that won't heal regardless. They would do much better too if they took off that self imposed limit, but on the good hand, there are a few healers that do heal in PvP. They have more tactical variety in their battle, so it's much funner than one would think a hassle. Still, there's only one healer I can think of that heals and doesn't use the play style of hit and run ( what I consider hit and run anyhow). So the pool of people healing in PvP in a more respectable manner is quite small regardless.