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i got 1!! myshop only 25k points =] a skill u can only have it once that lets u copy any skill in ur type of character like charms a coon can copy sumo suit and cats priadonas can like copy the new coon skill for thier meta =] and wat ever skill u choose u can use it no requiements cost 18TM points total tho for skill to be master <3 lol light dragons having like dark lance or syth oh yea dark commando lol light wave and dark commando attack bonus lol hehehehe oh yea skills u choose will work on any skills like a passive skill so dark commado will wokr on sheep skills too and last choice of skill u can choose for the card u copy....a skill u already have!! think about it 2 dark commando twice the dark commado effect lol twice the SoH twice the DB twice the flash cut twice the tec punch twice the FH twice the DS twice the PS twice the SS for lions lol or twice the dark lance <3 this skills is way too HAX lol >.< but i like it

lol draki gave me idead thnxs <3

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