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Originally Posted by Christie
i found out that i still some point left after adding all the skill needed
if i wish to get the summon slime thing, which 1 should i get?

ps. i got like 5 points left ._.
if u really do want summon slime skills...put 1 point into 독라임슝 and 1 into 뺑뺑라임슝

but beware...those skills are more of a "have fun" novelty skills...dont really serve too much use because of their long cast time and extremely low hp
if u really have 5 points left after making ur build...i wouldnt invest in potions because u cant max it with only 5 and i thikn ur guild has mp buff dains

usually if ppl have extra points, they will put it into the 붐바라임 transform or 꾸물꾸물젤리 (but takes more mp because ull be spamming this) for some extra dmg

Originally Posted by VeraSwablu
Btw Pookie, they increased Poyorok's Invincible frames I think, it seems your invincible the entire move now... with a 5 second cd, I practically spam it in PvP to dodge almost everything lol (The animation doesn't start immediently tho, so you can't be too slow or you'll get hit =o) u guys have the pre-patch one then...should abuse it while u can
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