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Why do people keep saying to raise an attack skill... GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS, DON'T RAISE ATTACKS OVER LV1.

There are many reasons I really don't feel like saying right now. Pororok/RRT have invincible frames, RRT uses melee dmg so its always a good atk, Sticky jelly is for freezing enemies, KungKungi is for if u wanna combo, Wiggly is like dodge, cept at Lv1 its like Lv9 dodge height-wise, and does around 90 dmg. And beam is sucky crapness... lol

I don't know how good the two summons where he recommended 0 or 1 points are, and the ones where he said 1 point (Last two) are must-gets.

Btw Pookie, they increased Poyorok's Invincible frames I think, it seems your invincible the entire move now... with a 5 second cd, I practically spam it in PvP to dodge almost everything lol (The animation doesn't start immediently tho, so you can't be too slow or you'll get hit =o)