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Updated slightly =P

Originally Posted by oOBrianOo
Well from rumors i hear you are one of the best, and my build is kinda like how your guide is. Anyways im glad to see someone who is so pro like you to write guides.. This helped me rethink what i could DO with my build so far. Anyways thanks for the detailed info, keep pwning noobs!
Originally Posted by pookie
iron hammer can still be combod after...i just got owned by it

thx for guide...i suck at sieg skills so this helps me alot
You both are welcomed =].

Originally Posted by ItsRai
Oh Zy, when you recommened level 1 for SS, thats kinda useless, Because you dont have enough height to do anything with level 1.
I would recommened, 2,4 or 5, or 8.
(2 for Nado + whirling sword)
(4-5 for d fist) (4 hits with d fist, but 5 makes the timing alot easier)
(8 for w/e the fck you want :])
I'm almost certain your opinion doesn't still stand, but if it does, let me know and go try proving me wrong. =]