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Originally Posted by BlazingGear
NONO~ you totally misunderstood what I meant there ><

I meant like say, when a mage got X amount of STR, not only he gain physical damage, he also gets more dmg (or %) using a skill~~

But for Lime it wouldn't be like if this transformation skill give you 200% boost, and more STR make it be like 220% or w/e, this was what I meant...

Anyway when it comes down to result, I'm just wondering if DEX > STR (if you can get a lot that is)
I see what you mean now.

Str/Damage range actually affects the boost. It's 200% of Lime's DAMAGE. So, like if you had 200~250 damage range, the transformation would add an additional 200% to it. So, it works both ways.

How sexy. <3