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Yeah, you get some extra. I didn't have near 15 tho... o.O
And, most of Lime's skills SHOULDN'T be maxed, lol. All the ones that say get Lv1 really should just be LEFT at one.

From what I know about Lime's skills, what the guide says is what should be followed;if it doesn't say get more then Lv1, don't. If it says its crap, don't get it. With totally extra points left over after that, make sure transforms are maxed (Except Bumba, Lv1, and speed, Lv0 or 1 for fun), and the other stuff in the guide followed, and then you can go crazy with wuteva you want. Go max Speed Transform and spin like a hax0r in practice field. But, if you made your build right, you shouldn't have enough spare points for that.

I just pulled out a skill calculator and got 2 extra points. I could take some out of Mana Regen cuz I maxed it, but other then that I got everything to where it should be for a good Stage Build.

Oh, and the transforms, If I'm right, add % max damage, and its based off your Damage Range. So yes, STR is very important for Lime. (Also affects Rolling Rolling Thud damage.)