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Originally Posted by BlazingGear
Wow, nice guide, looks much more professional Unlike before I think ppl all got mind of thinking don't even put 1 sp in some basic skill, and max all transform lol

I still got a few questions tho o.o

first for that 1st transform skill, the one that make you run/hit fast, do you run faster with higher lvl? or just at lvl 1 it's like UBER fast alrdy? (old skill generator only said that at higher lvl the dmg % increase, lvl 1's like -30% dmg)

For the INTELLIGENCE POTION, you said that once it's maxed you don't need any reagent for it, but what of when it's at lvl 6 or simply not maxed? Would you need reagent then? Also that in what way he spit out the potion?
is it:
(1) like 1-3 Giant Slime shooting from center in circle
(2) "put 1" potion in front of him, someone gotta go pick it up
(3) spit 1 or more potion right infront

Just wondering...cuz if it's (2) or (3), Dainn's MP Buff seems better o.O (Dainn's last for like 3 mins, mp+ ranging from little 300 to ultra 1k more mp...)

VeraSwablu answered ur questiona bout the potion position already...and no stat boosting potion needs raegents after level 1 (only HP and MANA potions do)

and yea...dain mp buff needs reagents if u dont have a dain in that party who has max buff +400 mana isnt bad for about 3 mins from a lime...but that int potion is only if u somehow have extra points...its not mandatory

and the transform skill does get faster but its very useless to go past 1 because attack wise it is very bad
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