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Originally Posted by VeraSwablu
No combo guide is complete without even mentioning Chain... its great for comboing. You can do it after AS, close-range Tears, high lvled dodge(Turn around after dodge... lol), and after it, depending on where the enemy is, you can then use either Holy Spirit, Tears, or Max Moon Bind(Cancel? Haven't seen max bind in action.) to buy you time to do whatever you want next.

You should have LadyEir show you some stuff, like how to hit Dodge after HS (With a high lvled dodge, this can allow you to continue your combo... you can get some damn nice combo's this way. I made a 20+ hit one, but I need LadyEir to test it =3)

Get to Lv48 now btw, finding what you can stick Wave after is fun. Place it at the end of a long combo and that scarecrow will cry from the 3.6 multiplier.

Soon you'll be at the part of the guide's growth where you just fill in as many combo's as you can... lol.
20+ is not really something ._.
also same as what john said , chain after as is a nono and a waste, just shift halfdash *insertcombohere*
its only good for the wallcombo after hs, or for a random chain into pieces or something
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