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Default Politics~ President of the United States

I want everyone's opinion on who they think will become President, who they want to be President, Why they want or don't want that particular person to be President and what will they do if their candidate isn't President. You don't have to be American to discuss- Last I heard, who ends up being the President is an interest to the whole yeah discuss.

*NOTE* I said discuss, not flame or start a political war. Please talk in a civilized manner and keep tempers low.


President I want: Barack Obama
President I don't want: John McCain
Why Obama?: He's not Republican and he has all these ideas that will most likely work. There's tons of benefits of him being President like free community colleges, universal healthcare, no more Iraq war, etc.
Why not McCain?: I don't care about him coming from my state, to me he screams "Bush Jr." Also, they are making a law that states no one over the age of 65 should run for President, McCain's 71 so yeah >.>;;
If Obama is President then what?: I will be VERY happy....probably I'll even be patriotic for the first time in my life.
If McCain is President then what?: I'm moving out of the USA. I'm dead serious, if he is President of the United States then I am moving to Canada or Europe again. I will lose all respect for the USA, no offense but I don't want another "Bush" and I hate this war so badly........I can't understand WHY people would WANT to prolong the war and don't say it's because of the terrorists...we all know the REAL reason.