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Originally Posted by Gaiety

Combo Bonus and Combo Decay
I'm sure you've noticed, but, in stages, multiple hits while the opponent is in midair grants a "bonus" to your damage, an extra 30% to be precise. This will go to a maximum of 400%, or 4x the damage you would do. However, in PvP, it is the direct opposite. Multiple hits midair will actually cause your damage to drop, or "decay". Generally, you'd want your hardest hits first.
That's 20% and 360% respectively.

Gaiety: Yep, fixed it in my unposted guide x-x
Since John let me fix the quotes, I suppose I'll fix it in this guide first. Expect an update to mine around tomorrow.

1.2^7 (hits 3 through 9) = 3.59
0.8^7 = 0.21