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Originally Posted by itzJOHN
@Yuui: 6646 is the "safe" way to halfdash, and as Lunar mentioned, if you lag it fails. >_> However if you wait too long to press 4, you could dash too far and it'll bring you too close to the opponent. The last 6 is in there merely to ensure that you're facing the right direction.
Ah finally someone who tells me y I cant halfdash properly as I always lag (even in training grounds -.-). Ill try to halfdash 664 l8er, but unlike the above, wont I face the wrong direction most of the time? Or do I just have to time it right so the next move follows before eir changes direction?

The guide is great, I will return to it often I guess even thou I can't make much use out of it because I lag all the time ^^