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Originally Posted by puppeteer5
about the lime, in the loading screen 12foottall's lunia DOES talk about lime T_T why's that >.>
They copied a file from the other versions probably . anywho limes level 11 attack skill does 100-120 damage. the only reason why he is bad at low levels is because you can use his mana very fast and it regenerates slowly, and he is very slow. I have to get a friend to help me level him up because it takes so long to solo stages (people mostly pvp now) the genocide quests are hard as well because since lime is slow you can't run away from heavy boss attacks easily. Limes speed movement is slower than a regular person with a 'speed potion I' and when you finish using it theirs like a 1 second delay before you can move again. Lime's transformations take 2 seconds before they take effect and monsters rarely allow you to finish unless your far away from them, and even if you are his begining transformations are slow so it is practically useless. Limes power makes up for his speed but untill you get to 20+ lime is weaker than a level 10 sieg with only destruction fist.

-this post was a combo from the person's previous post as well, sorry for some spoliers. Either way Lime is a nice character to have-
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