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Default v1.5 Skill Changes

A repost from the TLunia Registration thread since it's not like everyone reads that thread.

Anyways, v1.5 is being tested on the Korean PTS according to the TLunia GM Blog. For references, TLunia is currently at 1.4.3, gLunia and jLunia are at 1.4.2 I believe. Regardless, gLunia will get 1.5 in the near future.

There is a long list of changes, but here are only the skill changes:

- Dacy skill changes
* Increased the duration of invincibility frames for lv 60 skill
* Increased range, area effect, and average damage for Slippery Sheet

- Dainn skill changes
*Land Giant's Fist now has a speed debuff. Cooldown of the skill decreased. Average damage increased.
*Hand of Earth range increased
*Death Dragon Breath can be dash-canceled.
*Pillar of Abyss average damage increased.
*Ice Pillar average damage increased.
*Concentrate will cut down MP consumption by 100% instead of 50%.
*Health Increase buffed for Lv 2+
*Bitter Cold Breath effect range decreased. Average damage increased.
*All Fire skills will now cause opponents to take periodic damage like Ocean of Fire

- Eir skill changes
*Light Shield range will increase with skill level.
*Sleep will affect additional targets at Lv 2+.
*Judgement of God's casting invincibility frames decreased.
*Concentrate will cut down MP consumption by 100% instead of 50%.

Keep in mind that these changes are on the test server so nothing is final. But there is a good chance that the majority of the changes will make it to the live servers.