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IGN: Tenaciel
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Originally Posted by Mihawk90
Sry I cant download it :? when I click on the Link above, there's no download-button, and the wont work :?

[edit9Ahh, OK, found it^^

but please can you do set level with enter, too?
and please can you write the current skill-level next to the icons??? would be good

oh, and another prob... the level is for all the characters, not for one special... this is.... bad^^
Current skill level is written in the bottom next to the skill's name. Could you post a pic of what you want exactly?

Originally Posted by kag
Save and Load is buggy.
Array Index Error Out of Bounds

Suggestion: Change Selecting Class to ComboBox?
or Disable all other tabs once you add any skills and reenable when you reset.
ComboBox would be more efficient... I'll try it. Also, I'll fix the save/load.

Originally Posted by fyren
Suggestion: Could you say what level is required for each increment, and also the dmg, effect change at each level.

Other than that GREAT start.
The level required is in a tooltip. Hover the mouse over the button to view the skill's info. Some information isn't available because its not on the wiki. Some information is wrong because the wiki is old.

Originally Posted by Deadeye87
Differences can be easily checked by increasing then decreasing the skill, but having that info readily would help too

I would have to agree with level requirements... level 1 learning Judgement of God is just wrong.
Oh I understand now. I'll add this after the combo box suggestion.