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Default Lunia Skill Calculator

LSC has now been discontinued. Check my signature for the newer, print-screen friendly version.

This is a small skill calculator I wrote for Lunia in C#. You need the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 in order to run it. I've now stored all the XML files in a password protected zip file to discourage hacking since the files were written by AllM.

Currently, it supports all characters except Yuki.

After searching through the client files, I was unable to find any file that stores the skill data (ie. damage, shots, mp cost, level req.). I converted the wiki data but its reallly outdated... (Maybe some of the wiki editors should... fix it?)

You will need East Asian Language Pack installed to view the Korean characters properly. (Krieg and one of Dacy's Doll Skills)

Lunia Skill Calculator
Current Revision:
Please use the auto updater software to download LSC. If you, for some reason or another, cannot use LSC Update, download the calculator from here.

  • Changed Default Font to Arial. Everyone doesn't have Calibri T.T
  • Modified GUI
  • Ocean of Fire Skill Req Bug fixed - Christie
  • Attached LSC Updater; Automatically downloads the skill calc and updates it if necessary.
  • Added Skill Level Limits
  • Fixed another Load bug - Dingle
  • Modified the GUI; Replaced the tabs with a combo box.
  • Fixed Save/Load Index out of bounds error.
  • Added Dainn Skill Descriptions. - Src: MyLunia Wiki - If there are any errors (and there will be), just post it.
  • Added Sieg and Eir Skill Descriptions - MyLunia Wiki ftw
  • Corrected all skill maximums; Excluding Krieg - Thanks Dingle
  • Fixed Level encypt/decrypt.
  • Fixed unhandled exception.
  • Fixed missing skills: Flying Dragon Sword, Prayer of Healing
  • Added skill descriptions.
  • Fixed Tia's missing skills.
  • Fixed Slime's skill maximums. (Bless wasn't fixed because the skill icons were... ambiguous.)
  • Added saving and loading of builds.

Download and unzip to a folder. All the data files are in password protected zip files for neatness.
Run LSCUpdate.exe or LuniaSkillCalc.exe, depending on what you downloaded. LSC Update will show a button to update, download or start the calculator.
Select a class from the combo box and start to add skills. You can save a build in XML format and load them later for reference.

The program will "hang" if you reduce your level without removing skills that you can't learn at that new level. This is because the program will iterate through all learned skills and remove points where necessary.

  • Light - Incorrect limits bug. Infinite skill points bug 1 & 2.
  • Dingle - Skill orders; Skill Limits; Tia Tabs 4+5 errors
  • kag - Save/Load - Index out of bounds error

LSC Update - Version 4
It connects to a remote host and downloads the current version of Lunia Skill Calculator. If the version you have is older or if you don't have the programs in the same folder, it will download and install the calculator in the same directory.
  • Version 1 :: 8 DLs
  • Version 2 :: 12 DLs
  • Version 3 :: Data Lost

Lunia Skill Info Editor
The program I used to edit, add and create the skill data faster.
Sieg: Sieg.xml
Eir: Eir.xml
Dainn: Dainn.xml
Tia: Tia.xml
Lime: Not sure, lemme check. Either Lime.xml or Slime.xml
Dacy: Dacy.xml
Krieg: Krieg.xml

Some files do not exist in the skill db because I haven't made them yet.
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