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lazybum will become famous soon enough

glad u fixed it ^^

anyway i just tried entering the game today and kept getting C++ fatal/runtime error when trying to enter the sq. Anyone else got the prob?

gonna try reinstalling now :/

Yeah got it to work after reinstallation

Think it was due to the recent update.
Anyway the update Unkown_PC mentioned in one the above posts was implemented today 27/3
Like Unkown_PC said, more side stages were implemented (ep4 side stages and some other legend ones)
Fishing system also implemented, although i havent tried it yet due to translation issues of the new patch leading me to hanging probs :/

Due to this patch hanging problems will occur when you encounter new items and maybe monsters in the new side stage (dunno yet, havent tried). No promises that new locales will be released though as Unkown_PC will no longer be as active in lunia as before. I may try to learn how to merge the locales files if i have time but there is no garuntee.

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