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I saw this in the old forum and I liked it so mach I like how lions and the other skills are well Organized the thing I liked most of your made up skills are the sheep and how the 2 Elements are used to make one powerful skill also how bunny skill are not over powerd and feels right,and how cat skill go well with evo. what I liked frdom skills the most are:
( Samurai's Mentality ) Very unique.
( Vacuum Strike ) Hahhh it kinda funny if you think about it hahhh but cool nontheless.
( Spear of Heaven ) och that got to hirt @_@.
( Undesirable Leeching ) hahaha kinda like a plant XD.
( Rifle Jammer ) if a skill like this ever come that may rise lions to the hax level again @_@ *Spemm D.Shot >:}*
( Assasin's Shadow Trick ) foxes are fun to play with hide if a skill like this well come hhhhhhahhh it well be Awesom ^^.
( Quick Feet ) hahhh that well never 100% happen ntreev well never hirt myshop sprint for a free cool skill XD.
cat's are...need more good skill if u ask me _^_...
but overlook on them all you done really nice work on them I really like them if you have anything alwese in your maind please let see them please ^^.
thanks for the fun topic :]