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Patch 1.4.3 will be coming out by the end of the month.

- 2 raid stages -> Pumpkin Ghost and Black Forest

- 2 field stages (similar to Peak of Icecap)

- Some sort of new fishing system

On another note, TwLunia GM blog has a very interesting article regarding the future directions of the Allm development team.

Just some highlights from the article for those who can't read it:

- EP6 and EP6 Gaiden should be ready by the end of Q2 '08

- EP6 Gaiden will replace the originally planned, 神話 (Myth, Mythology, Fable; however you want to translate it) difficulty. Character level cap will be raised along with new skills when EP6 Gaiden is released.

- Different genders for existing classes will also be ready by the end of Q2 and these characters will have storylines in EP6 Gaiden.

- New classes for EP6 Gaiden is in development and more info will be available in Q3

- Guild vs Guild PvP system should be ready by Q2~Q3

- Some sort of pet system in Q3