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Originally Posted by Rpgslave
I looked around for some answers in a few other places but it's scattered everywhere and I can't find what I want. DX

-I saw on a YouTube video that people could change the costumes of the characters at the character creation screen; is this something you have to pay for? I couldn't seem to do it when I was making my characters.

We used to have the option for this, but now costumes only change with equipment.

-Is there a bank of some sort or do you just leave whatever items you want another character to use in your inventory? And if I deleted a character would anything that's in my inventory be deleted too? I know the character's equipped items would be but I don't know about the other stuff. >_>

Inventory and bank are family based, only equipped items are deleted upon deletion.

-How hard is it to get money in this game? I haven't needed any more than what small amount I have; will this change quickly on me? And while I'm at it... I've been making the habit of picking everything up but is there something inparticular I might want to keep an eye out for?

In the beginning you don't need much but much later on in the game things get really expensive.

I'm starting to understand some things pretty well now that I've started playing. The battle system is pretty hard for me though because I'm not that great at multi-tasking. I usually set my characters on defend mode, set it to individual control, and use my scout to pick things up. I have to admit though, I haven't been using skills too frequently. XD

You can just use loot mode and defend mode. Also, unequipping a weapon on your Scout lets him activate his Medic stance and go into auto heal mode. The game's battle system gets really simple.

Hm, I think that's it for now. I'll probably end up posting more after I've played a little longer.
Hope this helps.