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Default Wee~guide section is back xD!!!

I am very very glad and super happy that my dear(?!) guide section is back xD

I was really really sad when MyLunia deleted guide section D:

And to celebrate this new guide section, I will write few tips to become a good good 'Healer'

*This is really basic tip. It's mostly for newbie healers '-'*

*I did not finish with this guide... and I will update later... I cannot clear my thoughts D:*

1. Don't wait other people to come to you for heal.
Most of the newbies don't know that Getting your heal is important.
So, they might not come to you even when they need your heal.
Don't wait for them to come to you. Just heal them when you think they need heal.

2. How to deal with Heal-Runaway players.
Kinda same with #1
Well, there are tons of newbie players who runaway from your heal. D:
But we are not going to give up right xD?
The easiest way to deal with them is to use sunlight/bead.
Sunlight has very high range, so they can't really runaway(?) from your heal
Bead is hard to control, but just go near them and shot beads directly to your teammate.
(*but becareful, because some newbies runaway from bead, thinking that it will give them damage)
But that's all we could do actually...
Many newbies runaway from Light so easily..... we have to satisfy ourselves giving 1/3 of Light heal.
But don't worry, if you get to higher level, you will see many nice teammates who will run to you to eat your heal

3. Your HP is important
Good healer should take care of his/her HP than other teammates.
If you die, who is going to heal other teammates?
When I first this game, I died a lot in the middle of the game.
than... we usually failed the staged because... there was no healer to heal them.
If you read Naruto,, it may be easier for you to understand
Vit is most important stat for Healer.
It's usually same for other characters, but Vit becomes more important for healer.
For healers, Vit=Int, and HP=MP because we have very good skill called "Price of Sacrifice"
PoS is extremely useful skill which can convert HP into MP. It allows healers to regain mana really really fast.
But, it also has disadvantage.
It takes of a lot of your HP.
If you have inappropriate HP for your level/PoSlevel, you might be able to see "Red" screen whenever you use PoS.
And... if you use PoS while you don't have much HP, you probably will die by monsters.

4. Learn some combos
Combo is necessary to clear stage fast xD
Just learn how to use aas-aaaaa-halfdash->as->HS(or dodge or whatever)
It will help your teammate to clear stage easily

*I will finish this later D:... can't think of something T0T*