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Red face Cait's Bunny Guide... of d00m.

Here I'll show you my venture through the world of being a bunny. Im level 129 now, so I'm doing something right!

Here I'll show you my venture through the world of being a bunny. Im level 129 now, so I'm doing something right!

Why be a bunny?:

The reason I personally am one is because bunny is good for multitasking and chatting. You can click once on an enemy.. and you'll continue hacking on it until its dead. (assuming its not TOO high leveled, or else you'll die, lol) Thus leaving you time to talk in the guild, or do some quick surfing. Multitasking is my life. XP

The TRADITONAL way to play Bunny is good for a lot of one hit knock outs (OHKO). You will deal massive damage... fast.. But you sacrifice defense, so its easier to die... Unless you go hyrbid, you dont get any AOEs though :'( (Area of effect) Also, you have next to no weight, so no carrying lots of pots if you DO get hit....

My build:

4114 (for LOTS of AP, AC, DX, HP, DP, HV) Although i wish we did get more DP/HV, lol The only downside is you're gunna have a harder time digging and holding pots. IF you have lots of patience it shouldnt be a problem.

My Skills:
IMO: Mastering skills is a waste of TM points, especially if it only adds a little bit of AP or whatever. The only skill I have mastered is Uppercut, as it reduces cooldown, is more powerfull, and you use this skill a LOT...

At the beginning, the first skill, steel punch is pretty good.. . it doesnt cost any TM points ^^

Shockwave does a lot of damage, but its HIGHLY inefficent. The cooltime is long, and it takes 68MP at level 10. I suggest not get this skill unless some skill you want later on requires it... OR if you cant wait to TM level 20 to get burning rave... actually the best thing would be to get it at TM level 10, use it till burning rave, then use a masters authority, lol.

Burning Rave doesnt do a BUTTLOAD of damage, but it only takes 34MP at level 10 and has almost instant cooldown time. This will be the skill you use pretty much until job level 2. Get this as soon as possible!

HyperBeat is required for dash.. which is a fun skill, but not neccisary. I got dash... because it's cool. Its up to you if you want that extra burst of speed!

Pumping Heart??? Personally I did not get pumping heart at low levels.. iIt adds a bit to your AP.. I recently got Pumping Heart, and at the level i am, It CAN add like ~2k damage ontop of what you normally do.. So it's cool~ :3 I used a masters authority on shockwave to get this.

Shockvibe -This decreases the monsters accuracy.. and often makes you impossible to hit! A VERY nice skill, IMO, especially if you want to click and wait.. without having to use pots ;3. it's mostly used at lower levels.. and then for bosses / some higher leveled monsters.

A member down there has noted that Shockvibe is "useless" so it may be just some sort of preference thing. If you LIKE potting and using burning rave one after another, possibly kiting, maybe you wont need it. but sometimes I like to shockvibe, click, and wait, for ex: if i need to answer a question in guild chat, etc.

Bullseye - If you want Uppersmash, get this to level 10. It adds some AC... usefull for later on for the monsters with insane HV

Upper Smash - This is a nice alternative to Shockwave.. Especially if you're getting tired of Burning Rave. It deals a lot of damage.. 105MP at level 10... Pretty much a bridge to Uppercut, as it needs to be level 10.

Second Job

Dash - This is a fun skill. Because im on dialup and lag all the time anyway, I cant really utilize this to the fullest, but i hear people complaining of bunnys dashing up to enemies, killing them, then dashing away. I think its just fun to dash around.. there's also a dash bug where you permanently run really fast till you switch maps.. thats interesting to experience too..

Uppercut - This skill you will be using a LOT. it deals MAJOR damage.. hard damage.. the only downside is the long cooltime. if you master it, it helps with the cooltime.. And theres a skill later on that will enhance uppercut.

Quad Punch - I wasnt too sure about getting Quad Punch, but I got it. It does more damage than mastered uppercut (No enhancement), cooltime is a lot less, but the downside is it takes a bit longer to cast. The time you wait between dealing the major OHKO damage and the time it takes to do 4 HARD hits.. sometimes can sacrifice HP.. So using this or uppercut differs depending on what monster you're killing.

Counter Punch - This skill basically adds damage to Uppercut.. With this and pumping heart on, i can do 25k damage to some monsters


Tetra Punch - I am not TM level 120 yet, so i dont have this, obviously.. It has been recommended to me by other bunnies though.

Eagle Eye - The person down there reccomended this skill, but mastered it costs 480MP (base MP is only 1100!) to increase your AC by 122% for 176s.. which I personally dont have any use for, as I hardly ever miss anyway! ...and i could use that MP for ~2 uppercuts insted.


If you want to level up most effiently... Grind / Do monster quests on the monsters until you get to the monsters level, THEN do the quests... because of the way exp is calcuated, you actually gain more exp!
ALWAYS grind on monsters higher than your level. You should grind on the lowest leveled monster with the most hit points thats easiest to kill for you. Higher monsters does NOT mean higher exp. Your exp is based upon how much damage you do!

Don Tips for bunnies:

I beat Don when i was level 90~ Here's how i did it..

-Get your HP up to over 10,000. this can be achieved by getting a poppuri pendant, Jia's Amulet, Proof of love, Shield Comp'd with HP, etc.

-Use a sword comp'd with ATTR. Ex: Golden lion sword level 5 with 130% Soil, etc.

-Use a helmet with lots of DX! It'll make you hit faster.

-Bring Herb and Elixer pots.. as many as you can carrry, put everything else in the bank!

-When you get to Don, cast your buffs, run up to him, shockvibe, then attack.. then HEAL CONSTANTLY with herb potions.. When he goes berserk, use the elixers, when he's not berserk, use herb potions. Do NOT try to cast any skills unless you're going for the hit-and-run scenario. It will take up precious healing time that you dont have!

-If you're lucky, he will be dead.

Hey it worked for me! XP

Bunny equipment:

-Get A Smooth Black Sword when you can afford it.

-Get Ultimate level 20 equipment, (Bokken, wood helm, wood shield) when it's available.

-Get pharoh equipment as soon as possible.. ONLY COMP soil STONES on the sword, NOT crystals, NOT shawtbis, only stones.

-At level 90, you could opt for the rockin set, but IMO, a gold sword level 5 and an art square shield is a better alternative. The rockin hat is good for DX though.

-At level 110, you can get the sharon set... If you are playing traditional bunny, you might wanna wait for Mars set. But the Sharon set could possibly be a good bridge to the mars set if you have the spare money. Personally im not going to GET the mars set, because i value what little DP i have. >< ...and the IRL money = none, lol. That's my biggest problem I have with bunnies, Their DP and HV isnt high enough, and if you dont kill the monsters in 1 hit, they might kill you.

-At level 130, you can get the Mars set... everyone usually gets the mars set.. it has higher AC and LK than the sharon set, so youre gunna be not missing hardly ever.. and more criticals.

-At level 150, most powers also get the White Snake set.. which has a buttload of AP, amoung other things XP. Since I am nowheres NEAR this point (and probably never will be..) I haven't investigated into 150 or beyond sets much :3

This originally was longer with a complete walkthrough, but that turned out to be beneficial to ALL classes..

go here!

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