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Originally Posted by Unknown_PC
For the Myserious Shining Stones, you can combine 10 of them with a new crafting book (10g) from the accessory shop to get some dimly or dimly shining stones.

You can also buy a Cash Shop crafting book (higher chance of success) to refine the Mysterious Shining Stones.

I am not sure what the 悲沉之 stuff do, I haven't found one myself. But I am guessing it has something to do with the EP2 Cemetery?

Anyways, there are some interesting server-side updates tommorow. STR and DEX stats are getting buffed.

Every 20 STR will increase skill damage by 1% (previously 33.3)
Every 20 DEX will decrease skill cooldown by 1% (previously 33.3)

Also, Tia and EP4 will be released at 2/27 according to a reliable source.
Lol i just saw your post after some weeks. Seem to have missed it O.o
Wow Tia and EP4 this month! That'll be awesome lol.
Btw the 悲沉之 boxes are dropped rather frequently in L1-3. Just in case you want to know. I think they drop rather frequently in earlier stages too.

Abt the recent update never really felt the difference though. Wouldn't have noticed it if not for your info. Thnx for the info! Can't wait for ep4 ^^

Oh yeah, happy lunar new year ^^

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