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On stage 2-4 (Both history and Lengedry), there are parts that the snowgirl and snowman speak in arabic...(I don't know if these are really senteces or gibberish, but I can recognize arabian letters for sure)...If you want to make them speak in languege which no one knows, create symbols your own...


Bosses glitches!



On 2-4 (Both history and lengedry), if you stay far away from the boss, she (the boss) won't move.



As the same as the last bug, this time, it's with the second form of 3-8's boss. (Both history and lenged. The boss has 2 forms. the first one is ok, while the second form is bugged).


Golems, (1-10's boss (Both history and lengedry) can become - stuck). Exemple:

(In the end of the video).


5) In 'Cobolt Secret Base' (Which is a side stage of epic 3 - Lengedry), there are 3 final bosses.

3 of them are golems. one of them: (I don't remember its name. It's the red-brown golem which is supposed to be the strongest and hardest one) can become stuck also.



Another 'Cobolt Secret Base' bug:
Sometimes, when you fight the 3 golems, they teleportt from far away (where can't see them) and then, (Suddenly), they appear near to you.

(This fact is very annoying and may be "deadly").