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Heres a big chunk.....

sometimes upon login, the party list does not appear

sometimes upon login, the guild chat is bugged and it shows everyone is online, but can't chat with anyone in guild.

the buddy list is bugged, only when people that log in after you will be shown online, people that are on your buddy list that was already online before you log on is shown offline.

sometimes upon login, you try to whistle someone, it'll spam the "user not connected to server" box, like literally 50 times. But in fact, they ARE online.

adding someone to buddy will always be shown as offline until they re-login

the blocking function sometimes doesn't work, after you do "/s ign" it saids "user not connected to server" then the person is still spamming, you try to block him again, it won't let you.

In some side stages (i.e. Oasis) the map have randomly blocked paths, sometimes, the map have multiple dead ends where it is IMPOSSIBLE to move forward anymore to find the boss, every path is blocked and no boss is around the past paths.

Sometimes in parts of stages where you have to kill all the monsters before the glowing wall will disappear, monsters in the area will turn invisible, making it a pain in the *** to "kill all monsters" sometimes can still be seen on the mini map though.

In cobolt raid, the arrows part, sometimes after killing all the cobolts, the portal doesn't appear, even though there is no "invisible monsters"

sometimes item icons turn into guild icons.

sometimes after killing boss of a stage an breaking the bonus box, the stage clear screen doesn't appear for another 5 minutes.

sometimes even with 100% experience, you don't level up