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Originally Posted by Lunar
Lunarís Wizard Guide

Red Fire Dragon

Pros: none I hate this skill

Cons: slow casting.. for wut? 400 dmg max. wow. This skill is slower than meteor. To successfully cast this skill u must be far off screen which gives opponent time to recharge mp or heal or whatever while youíre wasting 2xx mp to cast this slow skill.
For stage learn to combo and donít waste time on 400 dmg when your regular hits will do 100 per.

PVP: 0 or 1
Stage: 0 or 1 (damage increase isnít worth it.)
Somtimes you can pull off one in pvp[range is pretty nice], since i beleive this skill stiffens

But i think this skill is only for looks ^O^ and stages since CD is a bummer.

Mob AI isnt that bright, so you can cast it rite in front of them.

Usually for pure AOE builds.