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Originally Posted by Fatkins
yay a decent pvp healer guide finally

and also, I know this is probably not going to be very useful - but are there any combos involving s+space? or is it possible to do a shift in a weird situation with s+space? or is halfdash and 994 (as well as all the other shifts) much more efficient?
there's a really impractical combo
facing east

AS S 7 space 8 AAAA etc.

but you'l be better off using a normal shift <_<

actually if you do

dash AS S cancel dash AS S cancel and manage to get the opponent high enough, then you could S (whatever direction) space (direction) AAAA etc. I've only did it once though, since dash AS S cancel is hard to get the opponent in the exact height as A S.

Naerie, what would the difference be between 8862 and 882? shouldn't it be 8823 if you're going to shift away from wall? I don't know, could you share your shift away from wall keys?