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Originally Posted by itzJOHN
Naerie, could you expand a little more on the tears? how many hits is there in it? also, you do this to continue the combo instead of halfdashing

after spirit tears, assuming the opponent gets hit by the last hit (this is the part I wanted you to explain more on, I only seem to get them hit by it sometimes and I need help figuring out how to do it consistently), then dash AS shout (assuming you're facing west) then press 882 or 228 and AAAA will continue the combo.
You'll get used to the range if you do it enough. There's no real secret, just practice. It hits a max of 6 times, but on players, it's usually 3-5 if you aim it right. As for using Spirit, Tears, dash AS (assuming you have a wall) Shout, 882/228, yeah it works. You can also do 8862 or 2268, which is probably better. The thing is though, I'm still having trouble going from the wall to a diagonal away from the wall...

Originally Posted by Lunar
to get tears consistently its' just practice for range.

also.. i'd like to add that in ur pvp eir tips.. u'd like to say that playdead with dodge is guaranteed only if dodge is above lvl 3 i believe it was.. other than that.. we can stay down long enough to avoid extra dmg
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