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Originally Posted by kenshishen
Hi. I'm having some problems with the 1st few quests where items are given as rewards. one says that you have to kill slimes (41 i think) and the other one is for spiders. The rewards are a weapon (the ice cold sword in glunia, i think) and a boot (the heavy duty boot in glunia). Eventhough i kill the mobs stated, the quest doesn't move along. Maybe i need to hunt a diff mob? I would really appreciated the help. thanks!
I am assuming you're talking about the purple equipment quests. Make sure you're in the correct stage when killing the required mobs. Lv 1 quest requires monsters from 1-1 ~ 1-5, Lv 6 quest requires monsters from 1-6 ~ 1-10. Lv 11 quest needs monsters from 2-1 ~ 2-5, and so on.

Anyways, translations are pretty much finished. 90% of the custom items have been translated, most of the NPCs and monsters are translated as well. I didn't touch the quests since most people shouldn't have trouble navigating through them.

Grab the translated locale files at Rapidshare or Sendspace