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Originally Posted by lazybum
hmm i went online briefly after making there changes and found some problems

There were still a few items that have the hanging problems, like orc soul stones, orc camp map, some of the quest stuff in orc advance base camp. Not too sure abt the other items though, haven had the time to play for long.

And is it possible to make what you have to kill/collect for quests in english like the previous locales? Because theyre still in chi :/.

Other than that, thnx for your effort in helping us!
My apologies, I must have missed some quest items before, but it is fixed now. The links above are updated with a fixed Items.xml

As for the kill/collect quests, are there any quest(s) in specific? So I will be able to double-check when I am going through the full translations with them.

Anyways, if anyone finds any problems please do not hesitate to post it here or PM me about it, much appreciate it.