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Originally Posted by lazybum
Ahah tt would be great! Really appreciate your contributions to us!
Btw any hint on how do you merge them? Do you like manually copy them or something? Just abit curious ^^
I manually merge the two files after comparing them with tools such as DiffMerge or UltraCompare. The toughest part is unencrypting the files though.

The merging process for the new patch is taking a lot longer than I had expected due to all the custom/new stuff and my lack of free time this week.

Originally Posted by lazybum
btw seems like tia and ep 4 didnt come in this patch yet. They seemed to have implemented the snowy squares in jlunia and a few more custom touches though. All stages in ep 1 to 3 are available now also. Not sure about other changes... haven had time to play :/
Even though EP4 didn't wasn't released this patch, I have a feeling it might be out sooner than we expect, perhaps first week of February.