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Those people who said it isn't that great because it "takes too long to get" must be retarded. That's like saying Judgement of God, Moon Fog, Death Dragon, Iron Hammer, and Fire Dragon take too long to get. If they have aspirations to never ever EVER hit level 50, they should just say so. But that in and of itself is kind of retarded since part of the whole point of an RPG is to level up (there is also the gameplay to consider, but there are several raids in the game that are unaccesable until you get higher level, too)

Anyways, meteor would be good because it only costs one skill point to get a crapload of damage. You're a Dainn. You should be aspiring to get as much bang for your buck from EACH of your skill points as possible, and 1 skill point in meteor is thus a no brainer
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