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Originally Posted by Teuflisch
Here is some truth from what i've seen.
Most people who say foxes cant do well in a GvG/PvP, aren't coon players, me, sinh it seems, and a few of my friends, have a pretty hard time with them, because if nothing else, a mine field is the end of your life, and forget about bodyguard if you GvG a fox....or its lights out within 5 seconds of every spawn.

Honestly, hardest 1vs1 i've ever had...was....a fox, Smiley, harder than any coon i've ever faced, or bunny
Lol. Yeah. Although right now its pretty easy to take down foxes if they get within your AoE. But before it was a pain with those HV foxes. Hard to hit and already debuffed so yeah. Mine field = dead.
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