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lol once again i must come in and save the jk dont flame me.

Honestly you seem to be looking for too much info on the game before you start. Which isnt a bad thing at all, I do the exact same but couldnt with Lunia cause I played on the 1st day of Open Beta. Just Install the game and start playing make all 3 characters and delete them if you dont like them. Once you get the hang of the game, start asking questions. Don't even worry about equipment or money that much. Look at your skills, and judging by the description pick what you think you'll like. Infact go ahead and put 1 point into all teh skills just to see how they work. So yea, just have fun you'll learn as you go. We can try to explain everything to you, and you may not like what you hear and end up passing up the chance to play a great game.