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Originally Posted by Karbonize
I looked in the Sieq section and I couldn't find a guide for a new player. Is there a main guide for starting out as a sieq or what? is the main class guide you'll want as a Sieg, but it's best used as you play and develop a liking for various playstyles.

Originally Posted by Karbonize
Why would people hate me if I just spammed skills? I'd be killing, so what's it matter?
Combos offer up to a 400% damage multiplier in stages (PvE), plus you won't have to wait for the monster to get back up after being knocked down. Siegs and Dainns who can't combo have a difficult time eliminating certain dangerous enemies quickly and safely, which is important especially as you get into high level stages.

Originally Posted by Karbonize
What advantages does Lunia's cash shop offer?
Various upgrading materials that make it easier to get good equipment, and extra lives for stages. As noted, because the game is still in Open Beta, you can't purchase points at this time.

Originally Posted by Karbonize
How do I add stats to my str, etc?
All stats other than what you gain automatically at level up are from equipment or more rarely, buffs/potions.

Also a note on skills... early on, learning every skill you can will probably cause you to regret it later, since new levels of skills appear far more often at higher levels. I suggest planning out your skills and only learning the things that are considered basic if you don't want to end up remaking your character later. For the more advanced/arguable skills, figure out if you want a more stage-oriented or pvp-oriented build and see if you can get people to show you the skills first.

Originally Posted by Karbonize
So when I get in game, I just make a character and then I just hit A and S until I level up? Or is there a more complex combo?

Also, what server are you all on as you seem helpful and nice =).
The early levels will have a sort of tutorial where it'll flash up some button combos and teach you how to do basic attacks. The combo system is EXTREMELY deep, however, and if you hit the Practice Field stage you can probably find some people to watch and show you some more complex stuff. It's a lot easier to learn by watching.

The vast majority of people on MyLunia are on the Soldin server, located in the US.
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