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Originally Posted by EirEir
I think moonlight chain is very useful, even though I only have one point in it. It's the BEST lurer EVER. If you stand there for 3 seconds the opponent will come and try to combo you. Then you simply use holy shout+dash, sacred waves or some other skills that have short casting time. I can't remember how many times I tricked the enemy into attacking me lol

the damage is great if you max it. PLUS it doesnt juggle. Also it gives me an indication for casting another skill in the middle or right after moonlight chain. For example, I lock someone with moonlight chain, and if he's directly facing me, I cancel it by using moonlight pieces. almost a garanteed hit.
The problem actually starts right off at moon chain actually hitting. I love the skill for strategical purposes but the chances of it hitting an experienced player is rare. It actually manages to hit me a lot of the times, but that's because I tend to hold back many skills when PvP. If it's in an actual PvP where both sides go all out, the problem in standing still is that other classes can instantly rape you with one of their skills. A Sieg can provoke to grab you instantly for heavy damage and a Dain can fury of land then fire orb for 800 damage if all the hits connect and start a combo after you get caught from fire orb.