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Default Frequently Used Terminology

This is a glossary of commonly used PvP terminology that may be encountered in people's posts/guides as far as I know them. People may use these terms in different ways as these definitions are by no means official or concrete.

Air Time - The time in which the target being juggled remains airborne.

Auto-Step - For Dainn this is a very fast attack canceling that allows for standard attack strings almost instantaneously (776). However, for other characters it can be a reference to any repositioning dash backwards, often used on wall juggles (446 to juggle a target on a right wall)

Baiting - Techniques which make the opponent try to attack you.

Buff(ed) - Having become better due to a patch or update. May also refer to skills that increase a character's parameters or performance (e.g. Magic Barrier for Siegs)

Canceling - To prematurely end or negate a skill, or delay caused either by dashing, attacking, or using a skill.

Combo - 2 or more attacks in sequence that the opponent cannot escape (except by some skills such as Play Dead)

Counter - Either a reference to Sieg's Counter Attack skill or simply the concept of taking advantage an opponents opening after they try to attack.

Damage Reduction - Occurs every hit after the 2nd air hit on a juggled target, reducing damage an additional 80% per hit up to a minimum of 25% of the original damage. (Percentages provided by albert402)

Direction Shift/Shifting - Adjusting a combo, mid-juggle, to go in a different direction.

Eir Dodge - Eir only command which allows her to jump backwards, or in other directions, quickly. (S [S] [+ Direction] Space)

Half-Dash - A short dash that allows for the standard standing attack string.

In-Fighting - Close quarter combat, also the most respected combat.

Launcher - An attack that launches the target into the air for a juggle.

Luring - Techniques which try to make the opponent do something you want, such as movement or attacking. Similar to Baiting.

Mind Games - The concept of reading the opponent's mind and predicting or controlling their actions.

Nerf(ed) - Having become worse due to changes from a patch or update.

Out-Fighting - Ranged fighting, the least respected aspect of PvP fighting.

Pick-up - Skills which pick the target up off the ground, such as Ice Pillar

Public/Public Challenge/Search - To fight someone using the Start (Searching...) button for more experience, rather than Find User which gives a fraction of the experience.

Side Roll - Tia only command which allows her to roll diagonally sideways. This maneuver does not have any attacking properties (Dash A + S)

Side Step - Sieg exclusive command which allows him to quickly dash to either side. (Dash A+S, Dash A Space, left/right respectively)

Wake-up - The moment in which you, or your opponent, recovers off the ground.

Windmilling - Refers to an advanced juggling technique specific only to Sieg. It involves hitting then sidestepping against an airborne target repeatedly, in a circular motion. This may also refer to a rapid succession of the same technique but in a straight line.
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