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Originally Posted by ZephyrX
I don't see the difference between a max level Ice Wall and a level 1 Ice Wall in pvp except for the durability and duration of the wall. But in pvp, your opponent is not likely to hit the wall often to break it. Thus, level 1 is all you need. But if there's something else about level 3 that's different, feel free to share
The difference lies in the duration of the ice wall. Longer delay time means more chances for an opening, more patience driving for mental tactics, more mana regen time, more blah blah blah =P.

Originally Posted by ZephyrX
So that's why Ice Wall's cast time is kinda long. About Dainn's having low defensive skills, I often use Bitter Cold Breath to evade damage in stages and I have a wait a long while before using it. Where a knight can just provoke/counter/play dead/Flying Dragon Sword nicely in stages. Even though in quality, Bitter Cold Breath beats each of the Sieg's defensive skills, Overall, Siegs beat Dainns in terms of defensive skills due to the amout of flexability (more skills with lower cooldowns).
Why's provoke part of the defensive list =P? Stage wise, yes, Sieg's do dominate the defensive area (what choice do we have our damage output per minute blows compared to Dainns). However, I was actually referring to Lunar's Post which was a reference to PvP uses. Play dead, Counter, and FDS can both be easily countered given the opponent is fairly good at PvP. Unfortunately for the Siegs, the only way to counter these spells instantly lock them into a powerful combo so that sucks for us (I play all classes in case you're wondering why the word us is there). That's where the important part of quality over quantity really kicks in. These defensive skills have such a high good risk factor behind them compared to BCB where it's guaranteed to save you once (at least when they change it to have no after delay it will be guaranteed). Not to mention luring these skill out to exploit their weakness is a great tactic as well compared to trying that with BCB. Overall, in my opinion it really balances out with security vs potential in PvP anyways.

Originally Posted by incarnate
I'd take play dead and counter over bcb any day ('till the patch that makes it cancelable comes)
Yes you would cause you're a stage player =P.