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Originally Posted by Lunar
for ice wall pvp recommendation
i suggest it be 1 or max
missed dash as icewall would be the 1 sp's use but however... there is almost no way to escape magic defense/provoke by siegs without max icewall
I don't see the difference between a max level Ice Wall and a level 1 Ice Wall in pvp except for the durability and duration of the wall. But in pvp, your opponent is not likely to hit the wall often to break it. Thus, level 1 is all you need. But if there's something else about level 3 that's different, feel free to share

Originally Posted by darkdestiny
As for Ice Wall's cast time, I'd like to note that it's not long at all because during the cast you take a leap forward as well so you're not a sitting duck.

Also, while Sieg's have more defensive skills, all of them are more flawed than Dain's "one" (highly arguable but lets stick with your definition since it's your guide) defensive skill. Quailty over quantity right? =P
Though during the whole animation of Ice Wall (0.43 seconds). You can't really cast a spell or you will cancel the wall. So that's why Ice Wall's cast time is kinda long. About Dainn's having low defensive skills, I often use Bitter Cold Breath to evade damage in stages and I have a wait a long while before using it. Where a knight can just provoke/counter/play dead/Flying Dragon Sword nicely in stages. Even though in quality, Bitter Cold Breath beats each of the Sieg's defensive skills, Overall, Siegs beat Dainns in terms of defensive skills due to the amout of flexability (more skills with lower cooldowns).

Originally Posted by Gaiety
Noting that a further patch will make Ice Arrow dash cancelable, allowing for Dash AS Ice Arrow (cancel) Dash AS.

Pvp Dainns may want to consider putting 1 point into this.
I'll put that into future editing