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Originally Posted by Lunar
they have about the same.. when maxed

also.. dainns have more than one defensive skill
ur like saying siegs have 2 defensive skills cause playdead and counter are the ones that actually defend..
but they can use fds, blow for invincibility
dainns have icewall, dragon's heart, fireorb can also be used as defense to chase the enemy away.

infinite aa is illegal.. dont mention it as a pro or i'll have to kill u with infinite sieg/healer wall combos
By defensive skills, I meant skills that actually turn you invincible or allow you to stay down.
Though Dainn's defensive power is weaker than Sieg because Bitter Cold Breath has a long cooldown and Ice Wall isn't really much of a defense when your opponent runs past it.
Siegs have counter and play dead, which both have lower cooldowns. Flying Dragon Sword is also another skill for defense. Blow is another.

p.s. yea.. I'll change the infinte autostep

Originally Posted by ItsRai
Eirs has less hp then Dainn
Eirs have 8 levels of increase Max HP
Dainns have 4 levels of increaes Max HP
so Eirs have more HP than Dainn.