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Default ZephyrX's Beginner Dainn Guide!

Introduction: Hey guys, my name is ZephyrX in Lunia and I found there are many different classes to choose from in Lunia.. (just 3 right now.. but more later on *hopefully*) and if you happen to pick on wizard...! Congratulations! So... why congrats? BECAUSE the wizard is the BEST class in the game!! (just joking). Well, it might not be the BEST class, but I do find that the wizard is very fun to play .

Personally, I have a level 46+ Wizard in this game and I thought it would be cool to help out new people that want to become an >>AWESOME<< wizard! Why? Well... I just got bored hehe... But nevertheless, lets get started!

Table of Contents
  1. Pros and Cons of a Wizard
  2. The various stats for a Wizard
  3. Spells!
  4. The Idiot's guide to comboing
  5. The ABCs of a Wizard
1. First off, lets show the Pros and Cons of a Wizard:

- Wizards have low HP, lower than Eirs and Siegs
- Wizards have very low defensive skills, the only defensive skill is Bitter Cold Breath. Ice Wall is not very effective against other players
- Wizards require their skills to combo. No mana = no skill = dead Dainn
- AAA, there is a significant delay between the 2nd and 3rd A so that other characters can take that opportunity to counterattack.

- Wizards have the best mana recovery! Just press S and your mana will come back quicker than any class!
- Wizards's spells look awesome! They have spells like the level 60 Death Dragon, the lv 50 Red Fire Dragon, and plus more!
- Wizards have a nice amount of spells to choose from and most are ranged. That means you have a pretty nice advantage against classes that use melee skills
- Wizards have looong staffs! Yes... somehow.. Lunia gave all its wizards really long staffs so you can show everyone that even in melee, you still got the advantage in range.
- Wizards can autostep! AA autostep AA with no delay!
- Wizards can dash and it looks like they are gliding! (If you wear a long robe)
- Wizards can knock up opponents from the ground and continue the combo!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2. The 4 Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Intelligence.. but which to pick?

Damage: 1~1 Damage for every 3 point
Skill Damage: 1% for every 33 point
Strength is a stat that will really make you do a lot more damage, mostly in staff damage as the 1% Skill Damage is usually not that big of a difference. But strength gives you the most bang for your buck for every spell... as for the same price of mana, they do more damage! Even more so, staff damage gets pretty high (to almost that of a Sieg) if you have the same strength as a Sieg. More looong staff damage = the master of melee!
Zephyr's Stat Rating: B+

Damage: 0~1 Damage for every 6 point
Damage Reduce: 1% for every 33 point
Cooldown Decrease: 1% for every 33 point
Though it might not seem all that awesome at first, 0~1 Damage for every 6 Dexterity is only a quarter of what Strength gives. But! Dexterity gives 2 more important things: Damage Reduce( Damage Drop in game) and Cooldown decrease. Damage Reduce reduces ALL types of damage by a percentage, and since Dainns have their low hp, it helps their surivial ability. Cooldown decrease, however, isn't often seen to make a difference, but if you have like 132 Dex (4% decrease in skill cooldown) and have 5 spells each on cooldown. Then they combine to make a combined cooldown decrease of 18%! That's not bad!
*Theotrical Cooldown = (Original Cooldown)*(1- Dex/3300)^(number of spells)
*Cooldown decrease % = 100 - (Theotrical Cooldown)/(Original Cooldown) x 100
Zephyr's Stat Rating: B

Health: 6 HP per 1 point of Vitality on average
Awww... HP, every MMORPG needs it and Lunia's no exceptation! As a wizard, your health would probably be the lowest so far and more vitality is VITAL to not getting killed. Yes, you might say that you can just spam spells from a range and never get hit... but I doubt anyone is untouchable like that. More HP is ALWAYS good because you would be able to stay in stages longer and be the hero of the stage where everyone died except for you. Plus! in PVP vitality is the MOST important stat of all! For example, if your opponent has 800 Hp and you have 500 Hp. If you had done 400 damage to your opponent, your opponent only needs to do 250 damage back to you to equal the amount of damage you did. Since no one likes a uphill battle, Vitality for the win!
Zephyr's Stat Rating: A

Mana: 6 MP per 1 point of Intelligence on average
Last.... but maybe the Best? Intelligence to a wizard is like clowns to a cannon. Every wizard needs intelligence because Mana = Spells = DAMAGE! But some of you might say yea.. but our mana recovery is so good I can have like 800 MP at level 50 and still own. Well, my friend, did I mention that having more mana increase your max MP as well your mana recovery as well? Yes... the S skill that Dainn has recovers mana based on your maximum MP! That other level 30 with 1000 MP has more mana recovery and max MP than you. Plus if you have a ton of mana.. you have a constant means of attacking. No one wants to be a Dainn with the "no mana animation"... wait.. that Dainn just got horriblely routed by me .
Zephyr's Stat Rating: A

For Most Damage per second: Str + Dex
For Most Ability to surivive: Vit + Dex
For Most Spells to cast: Int + Dex
For A Balanced character: Vit + Int

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

3. Use All 3 Elements! Rain Destruction or Just look cool!
Since this is a guide for Begineer Dainns.. I will only specify skills up to level 41. Which is about 90% of all Dainn's skills. So this is still quite a lotta skills for low levels

The Chilling Frost

Ice Arrow (10 Levels) (learn at level 2)
Cast Time: 1.43 seconds
Duration: 2.33 seconds
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Damage 2-6 shots (number and damage of each shot greatly increase with level)
Arrow freeze Time: 1.5 seconds
Description: Dainn charges and focus his power to shoot out multiple guided ice arrows that freezes enemies.
Stage: For stage.. this skill is pretty nice. For one, it gives out a nice amount of damage for a nice mana cost and its cooldown is only 12 seconds! Plus in addition to good damage, it freezes enemies and make them unable to move for 1.5 seconds, very useful against bosses. Though if you happen to get this skill, the damage grows exponentially as the level of the spell so it is higly advised to put a large amount of points into it.
PvP: For pvp... this skill makes you sit still for 1.43 seconds asking your opponent to come and go combo happy. You become a sitting target for the opponent. The speed of the arrows are same as the speed of one person dashing. So it is not hard to evade the arrows if you just dash in the opposite direction and don't hit a wall. But Ice Arrow becomes deadly if you are 1 screen distance from your enemy and they are trapped in a corner... say hi to damage... and freeze! and combo after! Wow 3 things in 1. But that rarely happens. If you want to get lucky and hope for that wonder shot.. get Ice Arrows. But if you aren't the risk taker, don't get it. {Gaiety pointed out that Ice Arrow could be cancelable later on in a future patch, which allows you to do a Dash AS + Ice Arrow(cancel) +Dash AS}
Stage Recommendation: 0 or max
PvP Recommendation: 0, 1 ( if Ice Arrow is cancelable), or max (if your lucky )

Icicle Rain (9 Levels) (learn at level 4)
Cast Time: 0.7 second
Duration: 1.6 seconds
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Damage: 7 shots (damage of each shot increases with skill level)
Effect: Slows speed by 13%
Description: Dainn releases 7 Icicles consecutively in front of him. Each hit will knock back the enemy.
Stage: Ahh.. Icicle Rain is one of my favorite skills for a Dainn, not only does it do a nice amount of damage x 7. It also knocks back the enemy. In addition, you can combo it with Pillar of Abyss and it will do even higher damage. In addition, Icicle Rain does a lot of damage against big bosses like Black Bears, Tree of Sprits, Drake.. etc. If your not convinced to get this spell, did I tell it slows also?
PvP: At first, you might find Icicle Rain impossible to land if you just cast it and try to guess where your opponent might be going.. but as soon as you learn some combos with it. You can land Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain , inflicting a pretty nice chunk of damage to your opponent. But wait! there's more! You can combo after Icicle Rain! Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain combo already does a lot of damage, comboing after it just makes it too good to be true!
Stage Recommendation: 7, 8, or max
PvP Recommendation: max

Ice Barrier(aka Ice Wall) (3 Levels) (learn at level 11)
Cast Time: 0.43 seconds
Duration: 10-30 seconds (Increases with skill level, decreases with damage received)
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Defensive: 1 Wall (Blocks movement)
Description: Dainn summons a wall behind him, blocking movement but not ranged attacks.
Stage: Ice Barrier is basically a wizard's (almost) invincible dummy and absorbs all damage for him and his party. Yes.. where Sieg takes damage to tank for the entire party. The Ice Barrier only costs mana and it tanks for your party nicely. Though at level 1 and 2, it doesn't last very long to be a good shield. At level 3 it can last a good amount of time against Bosses. A good tactic would be to let an enemy to follow you and Ice Wall so they will attack the wall. If you Ice Wall directly on a boss, it will move the boss away from the Wall so you can try to trap a boss to a wall (even better!).
PvP: In pvp... Ice Barrier isn't much useful as your opponent won't go for the wall.. they will go for you! But it is a temporary wall to stop someone from chasing you and making them go around the wall. During that time you can cast Ocean of Fire or Fury of Land to make them pay for chasing the wizard . Though that is hard to pull off as casting Ice Wall takes a lot of time. At the very least, you can Ice Wall + Fire Dragon's Heart and regain some nice mana. However, Ice Barrier also is useful as a means to just stall for time because you can run around and circle your Ice Barrier while waiting for your spells to cooldown or just wait for a Sieg's Magic Defense to wear off. For that purpose, it's advised to go with a higher level Ice Wall because it just last longer (and takes more hits) to buy more time for your spells to cool off.
Stage Recommendation: max
PvP Recommendation: 0, 1, or max

Cold Blue Dragon (9 Levels) (learn at level 16)
Cast Time: 0.31 second
Duration: 1.33 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Damage: (3 hits, Damage of each hit increases with level)
Description: Dainn summons a Icy Dragon and flies up from the ground in front of him. The Icy Dragon rips through your opponent while it goes up, hitting your opponent a number of times before going to the sky.
Stage: For Staging, this spell does an large amount of damage to your opponent and renders up in the air and unable to do anything for the duration of the spell. Also, this spell can be used like Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain + Cold Blue Dragon to do 400% Dragon damage! Plus, it can be used after Pillar of Abyss after it knocks an enemy from the ground to also do a small amount of damage. Cold Blue Dragon is so good that it can be comboed after because of the long duration of the spell. Though one disadvantage of it is that you need to be within melee range of your staff to actually hit with Cold Blue Dragon, and when you cast Cold Blue Dragon, you can't do anything except use a skill to cancel the delay. A good tactic cancel this delay to your advantage is to use Cold Blue Dragon + Fire Bomb, using Fire Bomb after the 2nd Dragon hit to take out the delay. Though the mana cost with the spell gets pretty big at higher levels, you might want to consider putting less points into it.
PvP: Cold Blue Dragon is a must if you decide to go pvp. For one, it does the most damage out of all the spells you have. Pillar of Abyss + Cold Blue Dragon can be used when they fall down, that since this is pvp, the Dragon does a lot of damage because this is only a 4 hit combo. Plus, if you accidently missed your opponent with Cold Blue Dragon and your opponent isn't right next to you, you can use Cold Blue Dragon + Hand of Earth to cancel the delay. Your opponent would be baffled because they thought you couldn't do anything because of the casting delay, and you showed them otherwise . Overall, Cold Blue Dragon just does way too much damage to not get it. And if you don't do damage in PvP, your opponent will lend a hand and do that to you!
Stage Recommendation: 5, 7, or max
PvP Recommendation: max (it's way too good for Pvp, get this skill and max it!)

Ice Pillar (9 levels) (learn at level 30)
Cast Time: 0.7 second
Duration: 1.37 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Damage: (3 shots, 1~2 hits, Damage of each shot increases with level)
Description: Dainn fires 3 huge pillars in front of him in a line. The pillars will knock up any enemies on the ground and allow for other pillars to hit them if they are high enough. Maximum hits is 2.
Stage: Another one of those skills that can knock up enemies from the ground and allow you to continue to hit them with a AA + Pillar of Abyss if it hits once or a AAA + Pillar of Abyss if it hits twice. It does a nice amount of damage to bosses that are big because all 3 hits will hit and it they pretty nice damage. However, the damage increase of Ice Pillar isn't as much as compared to spells like Cold Blue Dragon. If you want to do more damage from Ice Pillar, I'll recommend a few more points on it, but not maxing it. Ice Pillar does have a small delay like Cold Blue Dragon after it though, so you might get canceled when you cast it if a monster is too close to you. Cast at your own risk .
PvP: In PvP, skills that allow you to knock up your opponent and continue comboing them get a new shine. For one, they allow you to continue your combo if your opponent gets too low in the air or if you missed a hit and your opponent is now on the ground. Also, the damage done by Ice Pillar is in FULL if your opponent was hit from the ground! The damage is compared to a Fire Bomb, so that's not bad either. If Ice Pillar hits once, you can use Ice Pillar + Hand of Earth and continue the combo. If Ice Pillar hits twice, you can use Ice Pillar + AA and start the combo right away. Though be careful, Ice Pillar's casting time is kinda long so you should only cast it as they fall from a medium height in the air or else they can escape by dashing or use a defensive skill that renders them invincible. Casting it when your opponents is at a high height would not do a lot of damage because Ice Pillar would count as a aerial combo hit in PvP.
Stage Recommendation: 1 or 5
PvP Recommendation: 1, 5, or 8

Bitter Cold Breath (9 Levels) (learn at level 41)
Cast Time: 2.03 seconds
Duration: 2.93 seconds
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Damage: (1 hit, Damage slightly increases with level)
Area of Effect Range: 80
Defensive: Invincible to damage for spell duration, 2.93 seconds
Effect: 1.2 seconds freeze
Description: Dainn leaps up and flies up from the ground. He renders everything around him with a chilling frost and freezes them. During this time, Dainn is invulnerable to damage.
Stage: The Last and most awesome Ice Skill! Incredible Area of Effect attack and renders you invulernable to damage! Omg! This is like what Dainn needs with his low HP. So there is NO POINT IN NOT GETTING THIS SKILL. It makes you invulernable to damage, deals a lot of damage at level 1, and freezes enemies. Wow..., that's a lot for just this 1 skill. Though one thing I have to point out is that this is your only skill that makes you invulnerable and with whooping 70 seconds of cooldown. It is very important to use this skill only when you need it. This spell should only be used to avoid large amounts of damage (ex Reaver's Homing Orb of Death), or to protect your teammates when they are trapped by monsters. Never use this spell because another wizard use it to look cool as him, or else you will suffer the consequences of the 70 seconds of waiting. After... 1 second...10 seconds...25 seconds ...(after everyone died) ...50 seconds... (after the universe exploded) 70 seconds .
PvP: Well... This skill's usefulness makes Dainn have like an extra life in PvP because it lasts almost 3 seconds! Other characters don't really have this kind of arse kicking defensive spell like this! ... But did I say that Dainn's have the lowest Defensive abilities of all classes? Yes, that is also true! The almost insane cooldown of this spell makes it only show up once in each life PvP. So that is only 3 times in each PvP. You should always use up Bitter Cold Breath in each life because there's no reason not to, it even hits enemies on the ground! However, you should also make good use of the spell and not let all the mana go to waste. So you can try to do Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain + Dash + Bitter Cold Breath . Another tactic would be to trap your opponent in a corner and then use the spell. Remember, in PvP, Bitter Cold Breath isn't a defensive skill because if you defeat your opponent, you also defended against the onslaught of combos that he/she could have done if you hadn't use Bitter Cold Breath.
Stage Recommendation: 1
PvP Recommendation: 1

The Burning Blaze

Fire Bomb (10 Levels) (learn at level 2)
Cast Time: 0.37 seconds
Duration: 1.2 seconds
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Damage: (2 shots, Damage greatly increases with level)
Description: Dainn releases two Fire Bolts one by one, The Fire Bolts explode on contact and knock the enemy down.
Stage: For some, Fire Bomb might be the first skill you learn as a wizard. I find that the very first spells you learn in Lunia are often very good later on also, Fire Bomb is no exception. With a insanely low cooldown of only 7 seconds, it allows you to use it over and over again to do large amounts of damage quickly (In the time you cast a Cold Blue Dragon, you can cast 4 Fire Bombs and do more damage!). Probably, 99% + of Wizards in in Lunia all have Fire Bomb. Why? Because it does nice damage, it is able to be used in combo, and it has a very short cooldown. Plus, if your in a tight spot, Fire a Fire Bomb against a monster and it will be knocked down, allowing you to run away or get in a better position. Better damage, better cooldown, better pizza... Wait this isn't Papa John's. But since no one eats food in Lunia anyways (except for that weird omelet), it's the closest thing to a sweet deal in Skill Points.
PvP: At first, you might find that Fire Bomb tends to miss a lot in PvP. Why? Because you are blindly firing and trying to guess where your opponent is! But come on! It has a 7 second cooldown and if I hit 30% of the time, that's still good damage. Well, did you forget that everytime you use Fire Bomb, your mana just went down by like 8%? You won't be casting that for long (unless you have a really low leveled Fire Bomb.. but that pretty much doesn't do any damage at all) if you keep that up. Then how would you use it? Well, you would have to learn a combo called AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS. It might be hard at first, but as soon as you get used to it, you'll be hitting Fire Bomb 90% of the time! Hitting 90% of the time with 70% less mana wasted, yea... wouldn't you like that? If you don't... then get level 1 Fire Bomb and spam it... I like to see how many opponents didn't defeat you easily (super newbie ones don't count!).
Stage Recommendation: max
PvP Recommendation: max

Fire Orb (9 Levels) (learn at level 6)
Cast Time: 0.55 second
Duration: 1 second
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Damage (orb): (1 shot, Opponent will be knocked up, Damage is the same as the missles)
Damage (missles): (4 shots, Damage increases with level)
Description: Dainn fires a Fire Orb in front of him that will seperate out into four missles that will each home on a target closest to the missle.
Stage: Fire Orb does damage only to monsters who are not knocked down on the ground. If any monsters are knocked down by your allies or you, the little Missles will just hover around the target until they self-destruct. If there is 1 monster, then all 4 of the little missles will aim for 1 target, 4 hit strike! However, seeing as they are rarely times when there is only 1 monster on the screen, Fire Orb isn't really that useful. Though.. Fire Orb does buy some time in for you to recharge mana, but Ice Wall lasts longer and is more preferable. Also, isn't there a spell like Fire Orb that you learn at level 2? It's called Ice Arrow and it pretty much owns Fire Orb in every aspect except cast time. The arrows do more damage, have more arrows(if you max it), have lesser cooldown, and they freeze on contact. However, if Fire Orb reminds you of Frozen Orb in Diablo II too much (and you found that skill to be p4u3 0wn3@g3!), 1 point wouldn't hurt if you can pull off AA Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + Fire Orb + Dash AS, that is IF you can pull that off .
PvP: Though in PvP... Cast Time is ridiculous important. Ice Arrow won't do anything when you stand in front of your opponent just asking for it. However, Fire Orb will! In PvP, Fire Orb will only chase targets that you want to beat, namely your opponent(s). Plus, Fire Orb hits targets for full damage since it is not used for aerial combo in PvP, and it also stiffens your target, making them unable to move. Which means..(light bulb on!)... = Combo time! Fire Orb is best used when you have your opponent trapped near a wall or you are trapped near a wall. The former for offense and the latter for defense. Fire Orb also gives you a chance to charge up mana using S, since your opponent is not likely to run into 4 burning missles of hell unless they find that everything hot and fiery is their love. If you do like everything hot and fiery, feel free to run into the missles (I guarantee you won't be dissapointed).
Stage Recommendation: 0, 1(if you just really love "orb" skills)
PvP Recommendation: max

Ocean of Fire (10 Levels) (learn at level 20)
Cast Time: 0.84 second
Duration: 1.6 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Damage: 4 hits (damage increases with level but gains lower bonus at higher levels)
Effect: Burn effect for 5-50 seconds( based on level)
Area of Effect Range: 45 (in front of the caster)
Description: Dainn lifts up his staff and renders the ground in front of him to burn, enemies who are caught in the burn will be stiffened and take burn damage over time.
Stage: Ocean of Fire might sound contradicting at first with Ocean(water) and Fire(, but it's no doubt an AOE skill that hits everything for 4 hits with a Burning effect, a Stiffen effect and a lower cooldown than Fury of land. Ocean of Fire is good, no doubt! Ocean of Fire rocks in stages because there are a lot of monsters, so a big AOE spell is a nice greeting to all the monsters that you mean business. Plus, the stiffen effect makes the monster can't do anything for the duration of the spell, so you can take that opportunity and gain the first strike against a group of monsters. And if you want to have some protection while casting Ocean of Fire, hide behind a Ice Barrier.However, DO NOT abuse this system and hide behind an Ice Barrier whenever you have the chance. If you do so, your allies won't be too happy knowing that they are fighting and you are hiding behind your little wall like a coward.
PvP: For PvP, this skill is gonna eat up a ton of mana at max level, 270 mana *ouch*. However, this skill does a pretty nice damage for the mana used since it's like Fire Orb and hits enemies who are on the level surface. But there is a signficant cast time of almost 1 second that makes it rather easy for your opponent to dodge the Ocean of Fire. Once hit with Ocean of Fire, they will not be able to move and if they are close enough...(light bulb...! ...come on it's the second time!) = Combo time! If you use Fire Orb + Ocean of Fire, it becomes much easier to aim with the Ocean of Fire and deliever 4x missle damage + 4x Ocean damage! But be careful of the mana usage of this spell, because it can leave you at around 10% mana really quick if you keep using it. Also, while your casting Ocean of Fire, you can't do anything for the duration of the spell, that's almost 1 second! Therefore, you should time it correctly that your opponent is hit with the spell and near you for you to follow up with a ... you guess it, (now do it!) combo.
Stage Recommendation: max
PvP Recommendation: 0, 9 (if you have good prediction and aim)
*Fun Note*: Ocean of Fire's burn effect will hurt allies in the Campfire to 0 Hp.
*Critical Note*: I recommend that you get either Fury of Land or Ocean of Fire to a high level, because you don't have enough skill points (even at level 65) left over if you decide to get both to a high skill level.

Fire Dragon's Heart (8 Levels) (learn at level 34)
Cast Time: 0.84 seconds
Duration: 1.33 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Damage: (10 shots; Damage, Rate of Fire, and Speed of each shot increases with level)
Description: Dainn holds his staff and summon a stationary Burning Sphere that shots out little missles one by one, starting from north and going clockwise. Each little missle goes for the nearest target.
Stage: Fire Dragon's Heart is similar to Fire Orb, except it's a bigger orb with more mana cost and shoots out 10 little missles instead of 4 burning missles from hell. The Orb itself does more damage than each little missle if you cast Fire Dragon's Heart right on a monster, causing them to be knocked up in the air, dealing more damage than a missle. Unlike Fire Orb, if you cast Fire Dragon's Heart on a monster, the orb doesn't dissapear, but the missles won't hit any targets that are knocked down. Fire Dragon's Heart has a pretty high cooldown and only hits 1 enemy at a time over 10 shots, it's not really that useful for Staging. If there is one monster on the screen, you can cast Fire Dragon's Heart to do both damage and have time to recharge mana. Since Fire Dragon's Heart is so situtional, it's not really that useful. It's usefulness is compared to Fire Orb, which rocks at single targets but fails at multiple targets.
PvP: Fire Dragon's Heart gets a new look when you only have a few targets on the screen. If 1 vs 1, even better! At lower levels, the Damage of Fire Dragon's Heart gives you a pretty nice time to charge up mana using S because it takes a while for all 10 shots to be fired when they are fired One by One. But don't think you are free to charge up mana just with Fire Dragon's Heart, your opponent might use a Long Range attack or cast a spell with a short Casting Time to interrupt you. Most of the time, people will tend to run away from the Orb because they don't like getting hit, if so, feel free to charge up mana to max . As the spell grows in levels, it shoots out faster missles, fires with more damage, aims with longer range, and the missles travel faster! At max level, this becomes a Fire Orb that lasts 10 hits with the option to charge up mana also! That's like having another Dainn that shoots out fire missles to help you!!
Stage Recommendation: 0
PvP Recommendation: 1 or max (very good increases)
{stated by riceburner, Fire Dragon's Heart's Range, Speed, and Rate of Fire all increase at higher levels}

The Thundering Earth

Fury of Land (9 Levels) (learn at level 3)
Cast Time: 0.5 seconds
Duration: 1.17 seconds
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Damage: (4 hits, Damages increases with level)
Effect: Slows by 10-34%, lasts 15 seconds (Slow effect increases with level)
Description: Dainn calls upon an Earthquake to slow and damage opponents in front of you.
Area of Effect Range: 40 (in front of the caster)
Stage: For Stages, Fury of Land is good at lower levels when you first get it. Since you can efficiently annihilate those pesky wolves easily with this spell. The slowing effect isn't that noticable until later on, when you see that slow mammoth reduced to crawling speed at the might of your spell. Like Ocean of Fire, this spell is best used behind an Ice Wall, Ice Wall + Fury of Land. However, Fury of land doesn't really stiffen your target, so they won't be stunned under an earthquake (wait, that never happens in real life ). However, it's mobbing power is comparable to Ocean of Fire except that it has about a 70% longer cooldown, so that might turn you off from getting this.
PvP: 34% slow at max level? 15 seconds? This is like the god of all slowing spells that you get. 34% slow will effectively make your opponent walk and dash in slow motion for 15 seconds. Thus you can easily run up to them and say hi, eat a sandwich, watch TV, and then combo the hell outta them. Though in order to get the slow effect, they have to be under the slow range of 30 or be hit with the spell twice, so it takes some aiming. However, it doesn't take as much aiming as Ocean of Fire because it's Casting Time is only 0.5 Seconds, so you can use Fire Orb + Fury of Land, or even reverse the order with Fury of Land + Fire Orb. Though 70 second cooldown in PvP is slower than molasses, so you should except to only use this spell once per life. Use it well!
Stage Recommendation: 0, max (If you really find slow to be useful)
PvP Recommendation: max
*Critical Note*: I recommend that you get either Fury of Land or Ocean of Fire to a high level, because you don't have enough skill points (even at level 65) left over if you decide to get both to a high skill level.

Summon Rock(aka Boulder) (9 Levels) (learn at level 8)
Cast Time: 0.81 second
Duration: 1.33 second
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Damage: (7 hits, Damage increases with level)
Description: Dainn summons a Huge Rock to mow down all enemies in front of him, enemies hit by this spell are pushed back.
Stage: The first thing than ran into my mind was Cold Blue Dragon + Summon Rock combo, this is the supreme spell to use against enemies in stages. Of course, some might say it's too easy to do and techincally not a combo. But Hey! It is at least it's better than AAA for the one millionth time. Summon Rocks does more damage than Icicle Rain at the price of a 10 second cooldown, and it needs a very high height to combo with since it's Cast Time is even higher than Icicle Rain. You can't really do anything after this spell, so consider it a combo finisher unless your a pro. Also, the Rocks summoned are really really BIG, so except this to mow it's way through a lot more monsters than Icicle Rain, kinda like a Steam Roller of DEATH!
PvP: Yes, you might think that the Huge Rock is easily gonna to hit your enemy, that is true. But did you forget something? The Cast Time of Summon Rock is 0.81 second, which is even slower than Icicle Rain! It's hard even aiming Icicle Rain at an opponent, now you ask me to aim using a slower spell? No way! Though there are some times where you can effectively aim this spell if your opponent is caught in a corner, but that's like 10-20% of the time, which isn't that good. Though, you could follow it after Pillar of Abyss to make Pillar of Abyss + Cold Blue Dragon + Summon Rock. Looks fancy, does a lot of damage, and burns your mana so bad it's not even funny. Did I mention that your combo ends after Summon Rock? Yea... that is IMPORTANT isn't it?
Stage Recommendation: max
PvP Recommendation: 0

Hand of Earth (6 Levels) (learn at level 6)
Cast Time: 0.25 second
Duration: 0.9 second
Cooldown: 17 seconds
Damage: (1 shot, Damage greatly increases with level)
Effect: Pushes targets back
Description: Dainn uses his hand to push all enemies back
Stage: Hand of Earth is known for it's very very low Cast Time. So, whenever you are stuck in with a lot of "pushable" monsters in front of you, use it and let the monsters talk to the hand. Hand of Earth is a great defensive skills that is both quick and offers you the ablitity to choose what to do after. You can choose either to staff wack or dash (or Dash AS) after Hand! Also, Hand of Earth allows you to quickly create a combo easily because Hand is so verstile. Tried of AAA? Try AAA + Hand of Earth + AAA ! Though you should try your best to keep this skill at level one for the super low mana cost and everything max level does! However, if you like Hand of Earth so much and would like it to do 400 damage in an aerial combo to enemies, get max level, but your mana (and your other skills) are gonna suffer the consequences!
PvP: Ah... Hand is Earth is probably the spell to most easily combo! From simply pushing your enemies back in PvP in a dire situation to keeping the opponent in the air. Hand of Earth's usefulness is supreme. It can be quickly to cancel the delay animation after Dash A or Dash AS so Dainn doesn't have to stand around doing nothing for 1 second. However, there are so many uses to Hand of Earth that you probably will often find it on cooldown when you really need it. That is why you should only use Hand of Earth in situations that REQUIRE it! It has a 17 second cooldown that, although kinda short, feels like a long time when you use this spell so often.
Stage Recommendation: 1
PvP Recommendation: 1

Land Giant's Fist (8 Levels) (learn at level 19)
Cast Time: 0.31 second
Duration: 1.17 second
Cooldown: 30 second
Damage: (1 shot, 3 hits(max), Damage increases with level)
Description: Dainn unleashes a huge Earth Fist from his staff and knocks up everything in its path from the ground.
Stage: Land Giant's Fist is good for knocking monsters away from you and to knock them up for a Land Giant's Fist + AA + Dash AS really quick if they are really close to you and near a wall. Each fist that travels hits the enemy and knocks it further and away from you, so it's a great skill to knock down some enemies for a certain amount so you can have the first strike when they get up from the ground. Overall, it's a great skill for stages because it's like an Ice Pillar with lower cooldown, but harder to combo after.
PvP: Land Giant's Fist is very hard to use probably in PvP because it knocks the opponent away from you and the more times it hit, the more it knocks away. However, the more times it knocks away, the higher your opponent also gets. It should usually be used when your opponent is about 1/4 Screen from the wall. So you can follow it up with a damaging spell like Cold Blue Dragon or Fire Bomb. Though, you need to dash quickly to accomplish this feat. Another thing about Land Giant's Fist is what it will reset the aerial combo damage reduction in PvP if you knock your opponent from the ground, so it will do quite a lot of damage at higher levels. But, Land Giant's Fist's horrible 30 second cooldown might be a bit too much to wait in tight situations.
Stage Recommendation: 0 or 1
PvP Recommendation: 1 or max (if you can combo well with Land Giant's Fist)
*Fun Note* Land Giant's Fist can be used to knock your allies over the invisible shiny barrier at Campfires and Stages

Pillar of Abyss (9 Levels) (learn at level 22)
Cast Time: 0.31 second
Duration: 1.17 second
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Damage: (1 hit, Damage and height of pillar increases with level)
Description: Dainn erupts a Earth Pillar from the ground in front of him to send the target up in the air.
Stage: Pillar of Abyss might not so amazing at first, having both low damage and and short range as you have to get within point-blank range for the pillar to actually hit. Pillar of Abyss + 10 monsters = 1 Monster knocked up, 9 more to go.. and your spell is now on cooldown, not a pretty sight isn't it? However, Pillar of Abyss is used in a combo with Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain! That combo's mobbing power is only second to the power of Cold Blue Dragon + Summon Rock. Pillar of Abyss can also be used to knock up enemies right from the ground to hit with Pillar of Abyss (lv 4+) + AA. Right at level 7, you can directly do Pillar of Abyss (lv 7+) + Icicle Rain against a monster from the ground!
PvP: This skill is one of the best spells a Dainn would want for PvP, low cooldown, low cast time, and a super delicious way to knock up enemies from the ground to continue the combo!(Requires lv 4+ Pillar to do so). Though be careful about aiming your Pillar of Abyss though, cause if you miss casting Pillar, you can only walk afterwards, and we all know Dash > Walk in PvP (just like how the bunny beated the turtle, right?) If you absoultly love Pillar of Abyss, it's actually not a bad idea to get max level though, cause each level increases the height by a little bit, and that bit might be the difference between a failed combo and a sucessful barrage of spells to your opponent. Even though Pillar of Abyss might look weak at first, appearances are deceiving...
Stage Recommendation: 1
PvP Recommendation: 1, 4, or 7

Blessing of Lunia

Future Mana Increase(Bless) (8 Levels) (learn at level 10)
Cast Time: 0.5 second
Duration: 2.33 seconds
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Effect: 180 seconds of increased mana
Description: Dainn surrounds himself and every party member around him with an aura that increases their maximum mana
Reagant: Huckleberry, Other(lv 5+), Black Pearl(lv 8+)
Stage: Why do people need mana? Well it's simple as the fact that everyone runs out of mana faster than the speed of light in stages! Siegs run out of mana the fastest as their way of mana regeneration is only by the skill Mana Recovery (at max level it's only 8.5 mana recharged per second). Though Dainns and Eirs have a better way of mana recovery, their rate of mana consumption mirrors that of an eternal draining vortex. By having more mana, not only will Siegs have less mana trouble, Eirs will also use Price of Sacrifce less often (making them less vulnerable and a better healer, and Dainns can recharge more mana! Don't you overlook a slight increase in mana for a few reagants, because it can boost the WHOLE PARTY! (lv 4 Mana Increase, 8 people = 2000 mana boost)
PvP: Well.. there is an ability skill that doesn't require a reagant for PvP and it works all the time. So, why waste reagants, cast time, and a 2 second duration? Simply put, using this skill in PvP is like using Ice Arrow, except you don't have arrows coming at your opponent... you have nothing to shoot out . Therefore, you die a horrible death and you wasted reagants. Nice huh?
Stage Recommendation: 0, 4
PvP Recommendation: 0

Dainn's Bag of Abilites

Mana Recovery (8 Levels) (learn at level 8)
Description: Increases the rate of mana regeneration by 1 mana/sec for Dainn
Stage: Mana Recovery is good only for a short burst of MP because you have lots of opportunites to charge up mana in Stages. However, the natural rate of mana regeneration of 0.5 mana/sec is not enough for you to pull off a cheap level 1 Hand of Earth or level 1 Pillar of Abyss when you need it, that's why you should at least put a few points into it, so your rate of mana regeneration isn't completely based on S recharge!. If you still find yourself running out of mana too fast, I suggest that you get more Mana Increase and use S recharge a lot more, you never know.....(try it out!).
PvP: In PvP, S recharge is basically a big glowing neon sign on top of Dainn saying "Combo me, come on!! Do it!!". It is generally not a good idea to have your opponent going for you in a PvP match and keeping you on the run when you need mana. Having a greater natural mana regeneration means you regenerate mana when you are doing ANYTHING. As long as you live in PvP, your mana will go up. That means the longer the battle, the more advantage you get in terms of mana (But don't forget! Your opponent *mainly Sieg* also have this mana recovery also!). If you have mana recovery and your opponent has it also, then you are on even ground for mana. If you have mana recovery and your opponent doesn't, you use that to your advantage and slowly wear down an opponent by forcing them to not use any extremely mana intensive skills. Either way, you win or get even, right?
Stage Recommendation: 2
PvP Recommendation: 4 - max (Put more if it takes a long time to defeat your enemy)

Mana Increase(Ability) (8 Levels) (learn at level 9)
Description: Increases MP by 100 MP first level, 80MP later levels
Stage: MP Increase is also a increase for MP Recover as well. The S skill for Dainn charges mana based on your maximum amount of mana, the more mana you have, the more mp you charge up. Usually, you can charge up mana when all the enemies have died or behind an Ice Wall. And if you are being healed by Eir, charge up mana while she is healing you so that its easier for her to heal someone that doesn't move and run from her heals. Overall, wizards need mana right? Enough said.. go get it
PvP: The amount of mana you have = the amount of damage you can dish out. In PvP, damage is everything! You never want to have to charge up mana right? The answer to that is by having more MP so that you have enough to take out one life when you finally run out of mana and have to press S to recharge. Though, S recharge is made almost impossible in PvP due to the fact that it is quite easy to hit you while you are charging up mana (standing still while someone is trying to kill you, thanks for making life easier for your opponent ). If the battle lasts too long, your MP will deplete and you have to depend on natural mana regeneration (basically 0.5 MP per second, let me rephrase that, natural mana regeneration takes FOREVER!!). So, you have to make good use of your MP so that you will at least take out one life before your MP runs to zero. And if you like zero mp, you can repeatly click S and it will be like Dainn has the "Spider Sense" in a fashionably blue color.
Stage Recommendation: 4 - max (If you want to max out Mana Increase, put the 8th skill point in Concentration instead)
PvP Recommendation: 4 - max (Put more if you can defeat your enemies faster + said above)

Deadly Magic Blow (8 Levels) (learn at level 14)
Description: Increase critical chance of Magical Spells by 3%, +1% each level after. critical strike is double damage.
Stage: Well, having 99 strength gives you 3% increase in your spell damage = Average Damage increased to 103%. Having 1 point in critical strike is 3% chance to do double damage = Average Damage increased to 103%. So... 1 point in this skill for 99 Strength (without the 33~33 Damage bonus) is not awesome, but still pretty good. Well, it does affect all your spells. Even though it's only 3%, I do it see the critical a lot even at level 1 Deadly Magic Blow. Well, Lunia is a game of chance right? Take a point and bet it on the wheel of critical strike!
PvP: Well, when you simply can't defeat your opponent, pray to the goddess of Lunia and grant you luck! That might be the difference between 5 straight losses and 4 straight losses and 1 win!!! (woot! omg! *Insert 1 VICTORY DANCE!, and 4 horribly losing dance*). Luck never hurts in PvP, espeically when you just landed that 200+ critical Cold Blue Dragon against your opponent. So, if getting an item to +9 without any catalysts says anything about luck in this game, then it will be no wonder that luck in PvP might be something similar!
Stage Recommendation: 1
PvP Recommendation: 1
*Lucky Note* There is no such thing as Luck... or a Lunia Santa in this game, it is all based on complicated mathematics that cause your brain to explode .

Future Concentration (x Levels) (learn at level x)
Description: Gives a 3% + 1% each level chance of using reduced mana for one spell.
Stage: Concentration gives a chance to reduce the amount of mp used in the spell to half the original amount. So it is kinda like a increase to your MP if your lucky (kinda like Deadly Magic Blow is a increase to your damage if your lucky). If you decide to max out Mana Increase (Ability skill), then I suggest that you should put 1 on Concentration because the large amount of mana you have means that you will cast more spells. Casting more spells = more opportunity for Concentration to trigger.
PvP: Concentration is as important in PvP as well as in Stages because it might trigger after casting any spell to give you a large amount of MP back. Even a low level Cold Blue Dragon can give around 60 MP back to you, and that's equal to one charge using S at low levels. But the mana given back to you is instant, so that makes all the difference in PvP, where you won't have much time to charge up mana. And if your the type to bet on a bit of luck, try out Concentration for a bit of extra mana that just might make a big difference!
Stage Recommendation: 0, 1 (Put one if Mana Increase is high)
PvP Recommendation: 0, 1 (Put one if Mana Increase is high also)

Health Increase (4 Levels) (learn at level 34)
Description: Increases Dainn's maximum health by 100 HP first level and then 50 HP afterwards.
Stage: There is no place for a Dainn that dies and hides because he could not get enough HP. HP is probably something that you can't really live without in Lunia. A higher HP is NEVER a bad thing, even at the cost of 4 Skill Points, you probably won't regret getting extra HP at from Health Increase when facing Legendary Bosses. HP is what makes Healers able to heal you, instead of you dying and forcing Healers to revive you. HP is what makes you able to rush into combat and luckily survive instead of dying. Heck, HP is so important most people decide to get Vit gear anyhow. Enough said, get it and max it.
PvP: Vit is undoubtably one of the most important thing in PvP because it gives a tremendeous advantage to have high amounts of HP. Having vit is "like" having more defense because every hit you receive takes a smaller fraction of your health. Even if they do the same damage, having more HP means that their damage lowers the percentage of your health by less. So it is "like" reducing ALL types of damage! Since Dainns can't really heal in PvP anyways and they have the lowest HP of all classes, lets try to redeem that, SHALL WE?
Stage Recommendation: max
PvP Recommendation: max (Max or Die!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

4. Dainn's Hard Rock School of Comboing:
Combos and how to use them effectively are the difference between a Good Wizard and a Newbie Wizard, if you are to truly graduate from Newbie academy as a wizard, then you must know at least some combos and when to use combos (MORE IMPORTANT). Combos are meant to do more damage and give you time to cooldown your spells so you will always be able to pull off something when the situation desires, instead of waiting forever for the cooldown of your spells.

Crash course on Uncommon Wizard Moves

AA-A* : Dainn wacks and pokes for the last hit, the timing of the last A should be about 0.8 seconds after you hit AA
AA-AAS* : Dainn wacks, pokes, and then knocks back the opponent . The timing of the A after AA should be about 0.8 seconds later
*As an alternative to waiting, you can press forward and backward like AA <- ->A (or if your facing 6 in numpad, press AA 26 A). A quick pressing of <- and -> is about 0.8 seconds.

Combo List: Newbie

Level 2
AAS + Fire Bomb

Level 6
AAA + Hand of Earth + AAA

Level 16
AAS + Cold Blue Dragon + Summon Rock

Level 22
AAS + Pillar of Abyss (walk a bit) + AAA

AAS + Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain

AAS + Pillar of Abyss(walk a bit) + AA + Cold Blue Dragon

Combo List: Low

Level 2
AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel)

AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS

Level 6
AAS + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Dash AS

Level 16
AAS + Cold Blue Dragon (after 2nd hit) + Fire Bomb

AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon (after 3rd hit) + Dash AS

Level 19
AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon (after 3rd hit) + Land Giant's Fist

Level 22
AAS + Pillar of Abyss (walk a bit) + AA-AAS

AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss(walk a bit) + AA + Dash AS

AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain

AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + Cold Blue Dragon

Level 30
AA + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Ice Pillar

Combo List: Medium

Level 6
AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Dash AS

Level 16
AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon(after 3rd hit) + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Dash AS

AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon(0.5sec after 3rd hit) + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS

Level 19
AA + Dash AS + Land Giant's Fist(after 2nd hit) + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS +

AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon(after 2nd hit) + Land Giant's Fist(after 2nd hit) + Dash AS

Level 22
AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain + Dash(walk a bit) + AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb

AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + AA-AAS + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Dash AS

AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon(after 3rd hit) + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain

AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain + Dash(walk a bit) + Cold Blue Dragon + Summon Rock

Level 30
AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb(1 hit cancel) + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Dash AS + Ice Pillar(hit twice) + AA + Dash AS

AA + Pillar of Abyss + Icicle Rain + Dash(walk a bit) + AA + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Ice Pillar(2 hits) + AA + Dash AS

Crash course on Shifting

Shifting is basically a move that will change the direction of your combo to a more favorable one. Like if your are facing a wall in a combo, you can shift so that you will combo along the wall rather than facing the wall.
To shift, you have to dash 45 degree from your target and then step 90 degree toward your target.
Example: Facing right (6 on the numpad) - Press 339 (33 to dash 45 degree from target, 9 to face 90 degree toward target), or Press 993 (99 to dash 45 degree from target, 3 to face 45 degree back to the target)

On walls, you would want to shift 45 degree from target and then move 135 degree toward target.
Example: Facing right (6 on the numpad) - Press 336 (33 to dash 45 from target, 6 to move toward the target as if you are facing it's side) or Press 996 (99 to dash 45 degree from target, 6 to move toward the target).

Crash course on Halfdash

Half dash is basically canceling your dash into a regular walk by moving in the opposite direction of your dash.
To half dash, simply dash in one direction and then walk back to cancel your dash and then move toward your target.
Example: Facing right (6 on the numpad) - Press 6646 ( 66 to dash forward, 4 to cancel your dash, and then 6 to face your target again). Half Dash works wonders on walls also.

Crash course on Halfshifts
Alternatively to Half Dashing on walls, you can try to Half-Shift on walls. A half-shift on walls is basically a walk that changes your position on the wall. To half-shift, walk 90 degree from your target and then turn 135 degree to face your target
Example: Facing right( 6 on the numpad) - Press 83 (8 to move 90 degree from target and 3 to move toward target) or Press 29 (2 to move 90 degree from target and 9 to move toward target)

Crash course on Autostep

Autostep is a good technique to use when you want to keep on using the AA wacking attack over and over again to prolong a combo
To autostep, simply face one direction and dash 135 degree away from it, then walk forward.
Example: Facing right(6 on the numpad) - Press 776 (77 to dash 135 degree, 6 to walk to target) or Press 116 (11 to dash 135 degree, 6 to walk to target) to auto shift. Try out to do Autostep like AA 776 AA 116 AA.

Combo List: Wall

Level 2
AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb

Level 6
AA + Dash AS + Hand of Earth (move back n forward: Facing 6 press 46)+ AAA

Level 22
AA + Dash AS + Land Giant's Fist + AA + Pillar of Abyss(move back n forward) + AA

AA + Dash AS + Pillar of Abyss(move back n forward) + AA + Dash AS

AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb + Pillar of Abyss + AA + Cold Blue Dragon

Shifting on Walls
AA + Dash AS + Hand of Earth + Shift + AA + Dash AS

AA + Dash AS + Cold Blue Dragon(between 2nd and 3rd hit) + Shift + AA +
Dash AS

Half Shift on Walls
AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb + Half Shift + AA + Dash AS

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

5. Back to Basics.. ABC and Z??:

A: Always have mana!
As a mage, you should always have mana in stages. Simply said, you should NEVER run into battle with anything less than half your full mana unless you are in danger. If your party is going forward and you have half your mana left, just S charge and wait for your mana to come back instead of going along with them. At anytime it is safe to do so, you should recharge your mana as quickly as possible (Ex. When Drake does his attack that flys over you while Fire explosions follows, you should take the opportunity to recharge mana while dodging it). Having full mana will allow you to not only cast freely as you want, but also deal more damage since mana = damage. And remember, a few recharges a day keeps Legendary Daru at bay (with Ice Barrier)!

B: Beware of cooldowns!
Whenever you press a skill on cooldown, you will suffer that good old do something for a few sec thing until you decide to dash. Whether that might be costly or not, it's all the better not to take that risk (Why gamble when you DON'T HAVE to?). Similarily, a missed combo can happen a lot when you decide to use a combo from memory rather than looking at your skill tab and go for actual spells (yea... that's guarantee a combo failure and probably counterattack in PvP). So for one, you should plan out and know which skills that are not on cooldown, or create a combo with few skills as you have. Ways to lower cooldown while still being productive, try charging up mana. Take advantage of skills with shorter cooldowns because you can probably do them more than 1 time in a combo. Also, skills who are about to be reused after cooldown can also be considered into a combo. Never attempt to do a combo with a spell that has a long cooldown unless you checked your skill tab, failure to do so will result in a whooping.

C: Combo at your own risk!
Well, combo at your own risk? What da heck? Are you outta your mind? I gotta do my elite insane 30 hit crazy combo that does so much damage to a scarecrow!!! Your 30 hit insane combo just burned most of your mana, for minimal damage due to damage correction, yea that's just the tip of the iceberg. Comboing makes you very vulnerable to other attacks from other monsters in stages, and to an easy counterattack in PvP. Knowing when you screw up in a combo early can avoid you from serious pain. Try guess the height of your enemy in mid-air and estimate if your next combo is gonna work (gonna take practice, as you have to think by not seconds but fractions of a second). This will not only save you precious mana, but probably also the embrassment and dissapointment of a failed combo, and yea.. saves your precious behind. Sometimes, you don't always have to start out with using the full combo, but part of it is also good enough (as long as you correctly did that little part). Fire Bomb + Dash AS works fine instead of AA + Dash AS + Fire Bomb + Dash AS in PvP because the Fire Bomb isn't affected by the damage reduction for an aerial combo. In stages, you shouldn't rush into 10 monsters and combo, but take time and push them all against a wall, then unleash all your attacks on that group to quickly rid it. In PvP, you should attempt safe combos that you practiced well (that means no crazy combos using Auto or Half-dashes unless your really professional).

Final Notes:

Z: Mythical Techniques(Pink for you know who's hair)
NOW THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Time to show you the mythical techniques of a Dainn! I will show you how to Autoshift and use Autodash (lol - doesn't lol look like a space ship?, yea... killing time.. suspenses etc... blah). By now you probably realize I was just joking huh? Mythical Techniques, what bull$hi? Seriously though, if all you think that by learning how to Autoshift and Autodash (those were made up moves or are they real?), I have to tell you that your horribly wrong. Even if you learned how to do them, it won't make you anything better or make you realize the simple fact right in front of you. You, my good friend are only a single puny wizard, up against the whole world. Can you face the might of Legendary Daru all by yourself? Of course you can't, you need a team. Teamwork is what Lunia is really about, your team is what is really important. People who you can interact and help each other out through hard times. They might not be the best skilled or highest level of all players, but they are people like you who just want to have fun. Support them by using team combos and teamwork! If an Eirs casts her Prayer of Healing, pop an Ice Wall to shield her from damage. If a Sieg uses Provoke, Unleash your spells against those monsters lured. Know that you aren't just a single Wizard, but one who is part of a team.

Since you decided to read this guide and grow from your newbieness, you graduated. Yea, get outta here... *sniff*, and don't come back and be a noob anymore!-

The growing thank you's and credits
- Thanks to Gaiety to for a (canceable) Ice Arrow info
- Thanks to darkdestiny and Lunar to get level 3 Ice Wall to stall for time and against Sieg's Magic Defense in PvP
- Thanks to Gota for explaining about the level 3 Ice Wall tips
- Thanks to Gaiety (again!) for Skill infos and allowing me to use some of his combos [in the future!]
- Thanks to riceburner for pointing that Fire Dragon's Heart increase in speed and rate of fire at higher levels.
- Thanks to Lunar for the wiki about Wizard skills
- Thanks to Zetsumei and Gaiety for extra info regarding Pillar of Abyss