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Originally Posted by Vorpal
I think I've also seen skyslash+ ff but like Zy says, the uses is kinda impractical in pvp lol (I think they can easily run away from your FF). Oh, and for Hammer+FF I did see that but in the video shown the knight only managed 2 shots while the 3rd just flew off (leaving yourself wide open to attack there).
It's possible to hit the third shot of flash fate after Iron Hammer. It's just much harder >_> (no movement for the cancel like.. AT ALL and perhaps even the dash AS as to be further out than usual)

Originally Posted by Vorpal
That's because you like mocking people -_-, in a fair and even match I'd doubt you would even pvp Zyris with your str gear.
Bwahahah I pvp lunar in damage gear =D.