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Originally Posted by Maiㅋㅋㅋ
That's crazy.
and plus, what about siegs with str gear?

that's like 1/2 hp?
And if you did that in the begging...
You're off to a nice start ;D

or even during the end of a life.
If the other person has like 600 hp (which is a lot), if you used it, instant death!
I don't really know any str siegs that pvp -_- (Hell, my lvl 60 stats are 2.8k hp with my full vit gear =x). I honestly rather use hammer for other combos though (i.e. hammer+ whirlsword cancel combo works a lot better). Even in my str gear I have 1.7k hp (would have been 1.8k if I didn't have -vit stats on my gear). Any other classes that pvp with str gear would either make me cry or laugh so I won't mention their hp.
Waiting on character transfer...