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Default Guide List

Because I am so utterly lazy to copy and paste the guides individually, I'll just copy the handy dandy compilation of guides on the official forums. (You'll need to log on to the official forums to view these.)

Link here: Ongoing Guide List - Sword of the New World Forums
Those of us who write guides can bump them as much as we want (and we still will) but a master list of guides will be helpful when the guides get buried two to three pages in. This is not a complete list of guides, so this is where I am asking the community for your input. (This thread will be cleaned up as guides are added.)

Note: These guides are written as of the current patch, some of these guides are no longer being updated. But all these guides are applicable for the game pre-patch 2.4

Tech Support Links:

What to post when you have a Tech Support Question, System specs, etc.
Lag Issues?(note: it is advised to PM K2-Merit your trace route as opposed to tacking on to the end of that thread.)

Newbie Guides:

Melisande's Start-Up Guides
lawlerskate's Newbie Guide
Sword of the New World Quick Start Guide

General Guides:

Cheesecake's Leveling Guide
ZantaRagna's Damage Guide
Cheesecake's Experience Guide
Alighieri's Guide to pointy things, metal things, and a couple of guns. Fighters: Stock and UPC:
oooshiny's Vis Tips 1-50 Guide
insomnia's Azerty and Qwertz Keyboard Guide
meebos' Status Effects and You! Guide


Sword of the New World Guide: Classes (Overview and Links)
Sword of the New World Guide: Stances (Overview and Links)
Blackjack's Guide to Musketeer Formations
Kailin's Quick Fighter Stance Guide


Squad Looting Rules


Astri's Al Quelt Moreza Guide
Fall's Tetra Gatacombs Voucher Quest(Room Numbers Key)
Rudrigo's Porto Bello, Cabin vouchers map
Soap's Hengestone Location and Treestumps of Doom Thread
Sanrio's Guide to the Underground Relics
Auxiliadora's Forgotten Ruins' Guide

Quests & NPCs:

Cheesecake's Guide to UPCs and defined roles
Giliam's Full Quest & RNPC Guide
Shokatshin's Critical Information and Topics Collection for UPCs
Seraphlance's Lorch quest guide, And his shotgun ingredients... Guide
Pinkie's Old Armor Guide (Idge)
LilBoy98's 2.4 Compilation of UPCs (These contain spoilers!)
finalzanmato's A Guide to Clan Lvl 51, At least the second part of it ^^

Missions & Monsters:

oooshiny & Sanrio's Guide: Misson Lobbies
oooshiny's Treasure Room Guide
Scheska's Dungeon Bestiary, Boss Statistics, Techniques... Guide
finalzanmato's A Quick Guide to Diablo, Raid Boss (;-
finalzanmato's A Quick Guide on Golden Bat, Leading up to Hellbreaker
finalzanmato's A Quick Guide to Gerero, Raid Boss (;-

NinjaiX's Baron Levels and Item Guide
ArshesNei's Colony Wars, and How They Work Guide
Neume's What does Baron Mean? Guide
Shadow's Baron Mode Guide
techn0scho0lbus' Ultimate Baron Quests Guide, Back Costumes, Kurt/Eduardo, 92 Elites

Items, Equipment, Crafting and Upgrading:

Casperonza's Veteran Stance books and how to get them Guide
synn's Guide to The Guide to 84 Elites on up and how to obtain them
oooshiny's Mission Lobby Drop List
noodles' Refining Materials Guide
Cheesecake's Guide to Upgrading and Strengthening Accelerators
oooshiny's Gem Drop Guide
FFantasia's Color Dye Drop List, For all your elite lv84 armor crafting needs


oooshiny's A quick Guide to.. Guides! (guide)

5/18 - finalzanmato's guides up! (sorry for the delay T_T)