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I'm just going to say we agree to disagree on moon barrier at this point.

Hmm, I would like it if you can elaborate on "haxing range" If you mean the attacking range, I have to agree that Dainn's range and speed is way better than Eir's and that's a huge problem for Eir in general pvp.

I am going to elaborate on my point, which is that if you have a chance at landing a combo, you need to do the most damage possible instead of settling into a melee combo that doesn't do much damage. The mage was doing CBD and pillar rain combos which just eviscerated Eir's life bar as it should while the Eir did most of her damage from pieces and tears. Now if you anticipate the other guys movement thats fine, but I thought I saw way too much instances where the Eir just fired off pieces to get the Dainn off her back.

And Eir basically has 2 practical combos, Bind and Dodge variants. Knights have tornado fist, but also kicking fist and whirling sword follow-ups that can deal big damage on their own (also I got hit with FDS then followups?) It's more like saying the Dainn's using his most damaging combos, why isn't the Eir? It makes a difference using verified combos off the AA that can lead to big damage instead of firing off skills that might not connect and leaves you wide open. And since Eir doesn't have many chances to land her AA, she really needs to do the most damage possible then.

If I recall be11 was really pissed on the day Eir's skills changed that made FMB basically useless.

EDIT: Ok I watched the vid again, and have to correct myself that Eir didnt fire off random pieces as I first thought. It seems that the ones she missed, she anticipated the Dainn dashing straight and he didnt. But come on. Bind xx dashback 180turn tears? that seems to do only 600dmg and that is a huge waste of bind's potential especially considering the 60 second cd time of it. She seems to make good use of dodge that comes out faster in klunia.

If be11 was deadly w/o the bind fog combo, wouldn't be11 be even deadlier with the bind fog combo?

Also, I would like to hear what you think the Dainn did wrong.