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Default Leveling Guide

Obtained from:Cheesecake's Leveling / Powerleveling Guide - Sword of the New World Forums
Cheesecake's Guide to Leveling and Powerleveling

I've been getting several questions regarding good areas to level and powerlevel. Although posting this guide may make certain areas more crowded, the bottom line is all of these zones are pretty well known anyway; this will just help new players who wonder what kinds of classes they should level or what areas to fight in. This is a pretty slimmed down guide; I'm not holding hands or anything, it's just a collection of my thoughts and tips that might help people. Also, keep in mind that certain areas in the same zone may have different spawn rates, so it's good to look for the best "spots" in these zones yourself.

I'm going to divide this into separate points in no particular order. Forgive me if this seems a bit haphazard, but I'm basically using stream of consciousness to write this smile.gif

1) Best AFK Powerlevelers
- The obvious choice here would be stock musk and grace. They're the fastest killers that don't move around. Grace has an edge here due to shotgun; vet Shotgun Grace + Healer can duo all the high spawn spots in Underground Relics, which makes for great powerleveling of alts. Lorch could do this too, but he can't use rifles.
- A stock scout. You'll need a healer to make sure your alt survives (unless you're powerleveling a healer). Stock scout is better than Emilia due to higher CON and better than Soho due to a stronger heal. Generally, you wouldn't want to use Emilia anyway since Bard buffs are useful for powerleveling, but that's your call.
- Irawain. From what I've seen, he's the only character who can pretty much duo the high spawn ruin area in Toflo with a scout. He attacks fast and is the strongest light weapon user (can one hit kill thieves with one attack cycle).
- Andre. The strongest medium melee weapon user, useful for areas that have a variety of armor types (such as Old Port).

2) Best Active Powerlevelers
- Jack is a good choice since he can clear entire rooms by himself. Fences also help to keep aggro away from your alt(s). Unfortunately, you'll have to stay in one area, so this sucks for areas that have low spawn. Best active powerleveler in zones with good spawn (Rion, Joquin Lava Plains, Old Port, Skel Nest, certain parts of Toflo, Forgotten areas).
- Cath is also a good choice. Like Jack, she can clear entire rooms by herself, though not always as quickly (since siege cannons have splash attack). She also can't keep aggro from your alts as well (no fence). However, she can move around so you're not confined to one area when powerleveling. Best active powerleveler in zones with low spawn but high monster count (Pradera, Diabolica, Joquin dungeon, Zona areas).
- Elementalists, Wizards, M'boma. Anyone with a good AE is good for active powerleveling. Elementalists carry an edge because their AE's are generally quicker and more spammable (Fireball, Thunderstorm), while Wizzes have larger AE's but will probably run out of mana more often (no activate mana). M'boma works in both regards as well.
- Any fast attacker with a decent AE, such as Idge with blandir cruz or Lisa with Dos Cuchilos. These melee attackers are no where near as good as the previous 3 powerlevelers, but they seem to do alright.

3) Equipment
- If you're powerleveling to your fullest potential, you don't really need to upgrade your alts' weapons that often; just make sure they are using a stance you want to skill up. Their armor is much more important, so either try to +5 or +6 some stock equipment or make an elite version.

4) Leveling areas
- This is the meat and potatoes of the guide. Please look at this chart to understand at what level ranges certain monsters will be yellow, brown, red, etc (the color of their monster name in the target window at the top of your screen).

- Generally, you want to fighter either yellow or red monsters. While yellow gives you 150% of the base xp and red only gives 100%, since red (higher level) monsters have more base xp anyway, it's sometimes better to fight red targets as long as you can kill them as quickly as yellow targets.
- Some areas are mobby but have low spawn... these are good for active leveling. Some are not mobby but have high spawn: these are good for AFK leveling. Some are both, some are neither. Areas with lots of quick and easy repeatable hunt quests are also good for active leveling.
- Honestly, for levels 1-50, I think it's easiest to not worry about leveling in yellow areas, and just level in the highest area they can survive for these levels. It doesn't take too long really, and you can semi-afk this. This also negates the need to level in the highly congested low level areas. There will be deaths, but they will gain levels quite quickly.
- However, if you want to level in yellow areas, here are my suggestions:
* Level 30-40: Jezebel Glen is a great place for AFKing, if you can find a spot. Be warned that there are many bots here as well vying for spawn, so it's not as good as it used to be. You can also try Porto Bello Floor 2 (cabin) if you can find some empty rooms, but be wary of the constant Sigmund spawn. I've noticed recently that Porto Bello 2 is the least occupied of all Porto levels, so you might find some good luck here.
* Level 40-50: Porto Bello Floor 3 (Deck/Quay), the small room on south end of map. This small area has insane spawn so if you can solo most of it you will gain a lot of levels here. The other rooms are quite good too, so just find a spot you can claim your own.
* Level 41-53: Deserted Quay. Not too hot for active leveling since the turtles move so slowly and hard to mob, it's a relatively safe place to AFK. There's also some repeatable hunt quests here. There are tons of botters here though, which can be very annoying. Still, not quite recommended, as spawn is quite slow here, but you'll be coming here a few times if you want to finish up some quests (like Cortasar's, Claude's and Lorch's quests).
* Level 43-53: Thueringenwald. Good place to AFK, and decent for active leveling. Has hunting quests. Just beware the roaming map boss.
* Level 46-53: Desolate Cliff. Very mobby and good for AE, it's mostly annoying for web. There are some hunt quests here too, though most people bypass this area because of the spiders.
* Level 46-57: El Lago Tres Hermanas. Good area with good spawn for AFK'ing, it's not as useful to active level here because the mobs aren't as mobby. Still some bots here and lots of other AFK'ers. Try to find a good spot in the shade as these areas seem to have higher spawn in my experience.
* Level 53-62: El Tejado Verde. This area is annoying due to spider's web, but with 3 repeatable hunt quest and good spawn, it's nice to semi-afk in. It's also good area to afk if you're with a partner, though not really recommended for solo afk (due to web).
* Level 53-66: Underground Relics. Great mob and spawn rate, good for both active leveling and AFK, but you need a key to get in. Beware of the skeleton boss.. once you kill him, get away from the treasure chests that he drops (they count down). Once they hit 0, they explode and remove you from the area.
* Level 55-68: Pradera. Not very good spawn so bad for AFKing, but it's very mobby so good for active leveling. Also can farm for under ground relic key here.
* Level 58-70: Rion Prairie. Good for both active leveling and AFK leveling, though again, it's quite camped. The big open area at the entrance is great for ranged families, but for families with melee, you'll need to find safer spots since all the monsters run at low health.
* Level 64-78: Joquin Lava Plains. The spawn is really good here (especially at the junction areas, the crossroads), and the repeatable hunt quest fills up extremely quickly, nearly every 10 minutes. You can also set a warp between this area and El Ruina Memoria bear hunter npc, since the mahrgop and zahrgop hunt quest can be completed quickly in Lava Plains. For AFKing, staying in a lesser traveled path is best idea so people don't run through and pull your AFK characters away.
* Level 66-82 (or 84, I forget): Joquin Prison floor 1 has the best spawn rate of all the floors, and has no musketeer type attackers. The only ranged monsters are the Iron Maidens and Ghostly Fathers but they are passive (I believe the Fathers may aggro if you cast a spell/skill near them). The best spawn area is the most northwest room, it's extremely easy to mob up and AE for fast active leveling here. Not too recommended for AFKing due to boxes and bosses.
* Level 68-85 or 86: Old Port of Coimbra. Due to its great spawn, this is great for AFKing and semi-AFKing, though not too hot for active level because of all the ranged attackers. At 84 the Mazy's turn brown, but it's still worthwhile to stay another 1 or 2 levels due to lack of any better AFK area.
* Level 77-90: El Canon Diabolica. There's 3 repeatable hunt quests here (though I only use 2, the ghostbaron one takes too long and the NPC is far away from the other 2, Selden and Weird Altar). The spawnrate isn't too good for AFKing, but this area is great for active leveling due to its mobby nature and hunt quests. Just watch out for Violent Ghostbaron boss, since he pursues you longer than any other boss I've seen.
* Level 78-100: Lago Celeste and Rio Albi. Low spawn rate, average mobbiness. Horrible for AFKing, and not too hot for active leveling either, though it's better than most alternatives at the time due to the repeatable hunt quests. Still not an area I really recommend, though you can also hunt Comodo boss in Rio Albi.
* Level 80-100: Zona 1-3. These areas are generally mobbier than Lago or Rio but without the hunt quests. I liked Zona 2 and 3 the best for active leveling, just beware of Sabertooth Tiger boss in Zona 3.
* Level 88-100: Skel Nest. I don't really recommend coming here until 96 solo, even with a powerleveler, though you can if you're brave. Great area to active level or semi-afk with a squad though.
* Level 90-100: Toflo Duraga. You already know this place. Good mobbiness and average spawn rate. You'll need a good powerleveler or 92 uniques to do consistent damage to them early on, but they have low HP and striking power for their levels. The downfall is that the droprate really sucks here compared to zona, skel nest, and other areas, but it's the best place if you just want to level really fast.

5) How EXP works
- Most people believe that exp is divided evenly, like in many RPGs... this would mean with a 3 person family, each character would obtain 33% of the earned xp. However, this is incorrect:
- Apparently, you incur a minor xp penalty for more members in your family. So with 3 members, each gain about 29% of earned xp (meaning 11% of it is wasted), and with 2 each get about 46% (meaning 8% is wasted)
- Having a higher level character also incurs a minor xp penalty. If you have 3 members.. 2 being level 1 and 1 being level 50, the lower levels will get about 24-26% while the higher level will get potentially 0% (if the monsters are too low level for him).
- Also remember that being higher level will nerf your drop rate. From what I can see, this is determined by who delivers the killing blow. So if you have a high level scout powerleveling 2 alts, you should still get plenty of drops. But if you're using a high level dps, you might not get much at all.

6) Powerlevel or Alt Squad?
- Keeping the exp mechanics in mind, would it be better to straight up powerlevel a character or two with higher level members, or just make an alt squad of 3 equally leveled characters, preferably twinked with good equipment, fighting yellow monsters?
- This depends on your goal: Do you care about family level? Or do you just want a certain character or class to hit vet as soon as possible?
- If you don't want to waste any xp, it's generally best to powerlevel each char to around 40 or 50, then have them level as a separate alt squad. If you have 2 level 50 and a level 100 leveling, your alts only get about 26% of xp, meaning you waste around 48% of total xp! (due to xp penalty from 3 member, higher lvl, and also the higher lvl is getting no xp). This also means it's most efficient to level a new scout even if you don't think it's necessary, since a vet scout doesn't really help "powerlevel" much other than being durable... he doesn't really let you kill much faster to justify the 48% of xp you're not getting.
- If you just want a class to vet as soon as possible, make sure you have a strong vet dps that can kill fast (see sections 1 and 2), and your alt. Scout is nice but might be a waste of space if your dps can kill fast enough; you can either just duo while your alt consumes HP pots to stay alive, or bring 2 alts with your vet dps.
The level 1-30 areas don't apply anymore though, because of the change in the rate of Elite spawns.