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Originally Posted by samicool10
protective fortitude - k i gotten some info on this. its a buff skill that regains your hp. i think its a nice skill for soloers and in pvp this might just save your life. i dunno if it got same effect as the ghost hunter stage where it only heals you when you got 0 hp and doesnt work afterwards at 0 hp(need more info). i dont have it but it seems usefull just hard get enough points for it.

Stg> 0,1 or max
PvP> 0 or max( i think you need all hp you can get but stil optional to get =P)
the skill will not regain your hp when you have 0 hp. also lvl 1 only gives you 120 hp healed total, i doubt that its a good choice to get this skill at lvl 1.
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