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Originally Posted by Lagg
so, 4 sp for an extra pot with 50 sec cooldown that heals 8 hp per second, to be used when your pots are in cooldown and there's no healer available (soloing most of the times). that kinda narrows down its uses, besides having to farm/carry the reagents with you. ok, it may not be completely useless, but its close. cant you just run around till your pots cool down? and if you need hp so badly, im sure the 8(16?) hp/sec healing rate wont help much in such a hard situation. btw, those 8hp/sec are according to the skill generator, but im seeing some diferences between that and the one in glunia, it seems that in glunia buff duration has been halved from 60 to 30 secs and the hp healed per second has been doubled. outdated skill?
Yes indeed 8 seems useless but 16 isn't. The hp they recover in the duration is the same all they did was make it quicker so we won't die in situations like those. And yeah you can run around until your pots cool down but that's just kinda a waste of time. This gives it a lot of value in speed solo runs as solo runs aren't very quick to begin with and anything you can do to save time should be considered useful. Still, If you think this skill is useless because you can run until your pots are on cool down then feel free to. It's just a personal preference to save those seconds hacking away so I can save time. If I was a stage built, I'd include it just because not maxing kicking or cross cut gives lots of extra points. That and I'm a pvp build in upcoming pvps it's so mega useful =P (I don't have it yet... skill reset pl0x =/)