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Guild members arguing with each other >_> That's not a good sign?

Kanhel can breath on you from nearly any range 1-180ish so it's pointless to say it can breath on you at blah blah range. There's are a few methods for dodging his breath even if you stay at 120 range away and Wingless said she'd stick at a range where she can see the breath and within healing limits so I see no problems with her arguments.

As for the actual guide itself, everyone has their own opinions on what to max and what not to get. Whether a skill is useful or not depends on how they use it and how well they fit it into their play style. Sure some skills can be replaced with actual gaming skills but heck, if they're smart enough to get a skill that compensates for it then it's good enough. Besides, I can't go around telling knights that kicking and cross cut are completely useless because you can just windmill the heck out of everything because not everyone can do these kinda things.